HSHG multiple red cards to share, novice must see

HSHG., I believe that everyone is no stranger, is the Ocean Hotel next to the Garden Hotel, convenient location, good environment, divided into 5 floors, suitable for leisure, and the price is moderate, there is a VIP room at night, so the wolf went more, 308 The price is still relatively cost-effective, here to share the red card experience in the past 2 months, it is a brick-and-mortar, in fact, I want to earn some gold coins, here JSFW. Two-level, a little value JS is just ordinary FJ, no face value By FW., there are individual KJs in FJ technology, here are 2 categories, beauty group and FW.
Beauty group:
318: tall figure, high value, light and familiar with pure, FW. General, more talkative, overall almost FW. Consciousness;
121: The body is long. It is close to 170. It is the highest in the audience. It looks very tall, has a good attitude, and is gentle, FW. The average size may be FW.
308: The body is a little fat, the thigh is a bit fleshy, X. has B, looks pure and beautiful, FW. Small scale, moderate;
385: The individual feels the highest value, yellow hair, tall figure, the point is the face value and a big long leg, no X., FW. Do not put, will protect themselves, the preferred value of the value control;
333: 385 mm., tall, face value is worse than 385, FW. is also general
8: The original Yuqing series, Hainan girl, tall with a little F. full, not fat, there are X. There are Luo, look five senses can be, but the skin is a bit black, FW. Active, good interaction;
166: The famous little apple, the figure is almost the same as the 8th, the tall F. full, FW. OK, the scale is average, the personal value of the face, not very beautiful but not bad;
398: Petite body, the main feature is that the buttocks are really upturned, there is no X., FW. Zhongfa is the law, the value of the far-sightedness is the goddess, close to the general.
188: Petite body, the value of the face is OK, FW. The scale has recently become smaller, on the road. Can not q., the next way.
FW. Group:
218: tall, very thin, no X., the value is OK, FW. card, large scale, can be referred to, FW. is KJ, the previous YC head;
208: Like 218, it is all YC, FW. is a semi-T process, can be KB, short hair, face value in general;
16: light mature woman, very thin body, face value can be, FW. scale is large, look at people FW., this female different people experience scales vary greatly;
351: Mature woman, large scale, full L., recently string red;
321: Similar to 351, the scale is large, the car can be q. can refer to the road, the three-way all-pass, FW. Serious;
128: Petite, with X., value can be, FW. scale is large, and customers have surprises, can develop
323: interactive type, lively personality, average body value, large scale, regular passenger car
Well, these are basically HSHG red card information, because the Chinese New Year went back to a lot of JS, some have not yet come back, have been very detailed, so set 5 gold coins, forget to understand, and finally tell the Minister contact information, the famous Liu Fangfang, This minister FW. thoughtful, enthusiastic, a lot of LY should be clear, Liu Fangfang phone