Great Wall test dishes (absolute beauty and Sao)

At the time of the first visit, it was also introduced by a friend. It was on the 5th floor of the Great Wall Hotel. Now the price is 368. It seems that there is one or two mahjong rooms. I don’t remember, when I first came to a friend with a few JS. After one time, most of the people came later, and there was no more D.
       There is not a big place here. It’s about 30 lounge chairs. The place to eat is small. It seems to be 6 sets, but the kitchen is OK, and the JS. must go through the rest area, eating area, and time. Look slowly over there and find your favorite JS.
       This time the bell is No. 333, the appearance is very good, I guess it is about 165, a bit fleshy but not fat, but the characteristic is a word: Sao. It’s called super waves, it’s not good, and it’s so beautiful. It’s really cool. I usually go to the sauna once, but this time she got her two times. It’s cool. The FJ process is like that, so I won’t say it.
       There used to be a No. 868, which is also super beautiful S., the body is long. 165, the circle of friends is very fashionable, I have been to her clock all the time, but unfortunately it was not G. I came back to Guangzhou, but I changed the game. I have been asking which field it is.
       The minister who stayed was a beautiful woman, very beautiful. Most of my friends came to look for her. I heard that there is no boyfriend. Can you take a look at LY.