Cat has a cat

“Hey…hey…” As soon as I got home, my cat, Xiao Huang, liked to greet the guests with enthusiasm, greeted me with a swaying tail, then gently squinted at it. The furry face squatted on my trousers and seemed to welcome me home. Can’t help but think how cute the cat is!

But “people can’t look at each other, the sea can’t fight,” so is the cat! Don’t be blinded by Xiao Huang’s cute appearance. It is like a naughty child. With it, we often get chickens and dogs in our homes, and there is no peace. Hey, is this not starting again? This morning, I was still lying in bed and sleeping peacefully. At this time, when I was outside the door, there was no such thing as “咚…咚…咚…”, and I suddenly woke up my dreamer. So I opened my eyes and smacked out of the door with my coat and heard the sound. Thinking while walking: Who is it? Is it a thief in the family? What can I do? Just as I was puzzled, suddenly a small ball rolled from my feet and slammed into the wall. At this time, I took out a yellow shadow from behind me. I fixed my eyes and looked at it. It turned out to be my naughty cat, Xiao Huang. It was playing with the paws, shaking it for a while, then shaking it right now, playing it. Happy. Although it was very happy to play, but I was mad at it, I screamed angrily: “Hey, you are a dead cat! I didn’t sleep here early in the morning, I woke up, I didn’t look good. Pack up you!” Xiao Huang listened to me and was not scared. Instead, she turned her head and looked at me with his watery eyes. Looking at its sincere little eyes, it seems as if he is admitting his mistakes, and then it screams “喵…喵…喵…”. Looking at its well-behaved appearance suddenly made me feel soft, I don’t know how to be good, so I had to sigh and thought: Hey! Look at you so cute, I will spare you this time. Then I went to bed again to “date” with Zhou Gong.

Another time, my mother and I just bought some meat from the supermarket and prepared to make a candlelight dinner, and Xiao Huang looked at the piece of meat just like seeing an enemy. The round eyes have been staring at it, and I can’t wait to put it. The corpse will be satisfied. And I, as the “guardian” of this piece of meat, protects its safety, for fear that it will be taken away by Xiao Huang. In this way, I have been with Xiao Huang for a long time.

At this time, the phone rang, so I flew to the table and got the phone. I could go back to the kitchen and see that Xiao Huang had already eaten a piece of meat and satisfied with it. His face was full of happiness, but I was Being mad at his behavior. Xiao Huang saw that the big thing turned around and wanted to escape, but how could it escape my “magic palm”? So I grabbed it and angered it, staring at it. Xiao Huang could not escape, and he used his killer to sell it. It looked at me pitifully. His eyes were full of innocence, as if to say: “I am wrong with the little master, forgive me!” That poor look, in desperation, I had to put it gently on the floor, and it smirked away with a tail.

Hey, this is my cat, a naughty cat who always loves to sell.