Shenzhen Sauna Adventure Tour

Since the last two out of the left, the West Village adventure package, in addition to an old seven-name card to question my big writers, paper hackers, a lot of friends are very popular in the West Village Tongdong Village young and aunt district Interest, but dare to single-handedly go north to risk, because I was a boy scout in my middle school, I want to do a good job in the day, random sampling in the forced bombing of the PM mailbox to draw four lucky, with my New Year’s Eve In the evening, the village is out of the West Village, and it is a great effort for Hong Kong to help the poor and save the country! ! !

Originally intended to start from the old demon hell of the world, and then go straight to the north of the young paradise in the West Village and the young village, to engage in a “from the old demon hell to the young paradise” food tour, when the four brothers were called It was found that in different areas, there was a flood of Sha Tin in Mong Kok, Lam Tin, Tsuen Wan. Even if it was a waste of time and space, I would first be a representative to go to the salty and smashed the old demon to make a head shot. Then everyone gathered at the Kowloon Tong Railway Station. At the beginning, it’s not only the “five silly things out of the West Village” eating adventure tour! ! !

Late in the evening, many people took the train north, and I was so stupid that I had to work hard to get into the car, and went to the Lok Ma Chau Station to go to the Futian Port. The detention area was forced to be full of people, and one aunt was detained to hold two boxes of large luggage. The dare to dare to open the door without paying attention, that is, the box was connected to the outside of the canal, and both boxes were in full. Going to the sun, the channel man wants to donate the fence to escape, but the prostitute officer promptly picked up the canal, so a few outrageous! I immediately rushed out of the gate in the pile of sardines to go straight to the West Village.
Arriving at Xicun, the stalking system first went to the seven-day hotel Luofangxian, because I was planning to play all night, the first day of New Year’s Day, I went back to Hong Kong, and when I went to the taxi, I knew that the seven children were in the side, and I was the former Da Lilai Taoyuan Hotel. The last color of the last film, the left phase, opened Zhang Xiang, and went to the signboard to call, called the hotel front desk to speak more than the taxi driver knowing the side, went to the original KFC and the cultural square head of the near Sha Tsui, went in to me. Five instant Luofang, one of the most flat and ordinary single bed room 148 nights, of course, one, staying more than d ammunition to eat good wild, but there is no sun room at the front desk, only luxury single bed Room 178 nights, Luo Haofang down the season to go to foresee, because I have not eaten the rice to catch up with Li, go out to Shawei Road to pick up a lot of wild food, first go to Sanmao beef shop More than a lot of people have to wait for more than a dozen counts. After passing through the hospital, there are a lot of people in the village’s food stalls. They go to the wild to make up the body. If they don’t go before, it’s better to go to the village. Next woman, I’m screaming in unison, I’m not eating wild shelves, I’m hungry and going to do Hunchun, I’m looking down the channel and picking up the flag. In the middle, the blame is anxious, but in the four-on-one opposition, of course, in the past, the food stalls in the past, the left iron plate black pepper cowboy bone, the pepper fried flower armor, the brine platter with Mapo tofu, then Li A pure beer and a beer from Qingdao will be eaten, and the food will be full tonight.
        First of all, I went to the end of the East Wucao District, the aunt and the middle of the woman first, and then left the difference to go to the younger and younger, the evening, the Wangwang District, the Wucao District kept men walking, and went to the aunt D They are better than the old temple. The price is only five grasses, but there is no cold bag to blow, fast and fast, but the price of Wucaoye is counted! I went to the left circle and learned about the environment. I went out to the street and opened the new sugar-water shop to make a meeting point. The shop was very convenient. I kept a young fish and looked at the five grasses. Master the advantages of the military fortress. After you have decided, you will enter the Wucao District to explode D to make the aunt! Mature women are bound to be overjoyed, a lot of female aunts are available for consumption, a line through the corner to see a fine grain in the women’s skirt, c black long hair has a white slippery leg, immediately pull the channel into the gate, first use their own Disinfecting the wet paper towel 2 week, greatly hope to live in the slag slag! After the meal is finished, I will meet the friends of the succulent shop to share the results. Everyone will eat the left Q, and the fat will be extremely hungry.
After eating the aunt, eat the bowl of sugar water and blow the water to report the record, and then return to a fish and young area! Entering the young and young military area, seeing that there are more than 30 young and young guards waiting for me to go to the canal, everyone has started to hunt their own food, and they can’t wait to see the pieces. The white slippery and high-skinned makes the young and super-speed mark upstairs to open the meal. In my heart, I wrote the word “service” on the channel. Finally, I was in the near-wave position and went to the northeast to make the young, tall and thin, white and long legs. There must be both types of food, and there is a blow in the downstairs. On the floor, there is a bag to play, and then the slag drains the white slippery wave and slams into the canal, looking at the northeastern sister’s size, it is even more important to force the blasting channel to tame. Under my arrogance, the man then turned to sit on the lotus and looked at the channel. In the end, I turned to the men’s sluts and screamed in the middle of the squad, and finished the second shot tonight!