His tears

“Sun-Yi-Yan!” I dragged my sorghum and my face, and my angry look leaped to my face. “How do you start talking again? The saliva is flooding!…” I am criticizing the sports committee again, he squeezed out one. A smile, my heart must blame me. He is a naughty boy, loves to talk, loves to mess, like many boys, very cute! However, I still have a little resistance to him, which stems from the “small resentment” that was formed during the summer camp. Adjustable skin toned, still can not cover the true heart, his collective sense of honor, suddenly made me awe!

The sun is shining, the bright sunshine can’t help but evoke my nostalgia for the Games. In just two days, I have witnessed the lofty sportsmanship and collective spirit. On the first morning of the game, the salty taste of the match was mixed with the sweetness of victory, a strange taste. Several teenagers sent by our class have fallen, and our eyes are all on the men’s 400-meter field, the last chance! “Hey!” A simple gunshot rang through the sky, rushing out of the five or six boys from the arrow of the string, “flying” from the front, watching the face of a struggling struggle, running at the forefront, It was the sports committee member Sun Yihan, I was so excited that I shouted: “Sun Yihan, come on!” He seems to be not too slow, calmly “collecting” the remaining opponents, it seems that there is physical strength to prepare for the afternoon men four The 100m final. He returned slowly with the group’s first title and painted a perfect ending on the first morning with a victory gesture.

When I walked to the seat in the afternoon, Sun Yihan’s news drifted into my ear. “I heard that Sun Yihan’s foot was pressed by the bicycle! The foot was swollen with a big piece…” The sound came one after another, and my heart hung up. Not far away, a familiar figure walked around, Sun Yihan! Another series of voices: “I heard that Sun Yihan did not run the 400-meter final. The 1,500-meter-meter is also hanging!…” “His four hundred meters does not run, the seed players of our class, determined to fight for the first! Hey!…” I can’t help but squeeze a sweat for the sports performance in the class. Suddenly, I repented. “My classmates are like that. I am still thinking about these problems. The body is the most important thing.” I immediately took care of the class, but I looked at Sun Yihan from afar. The heel that fell, I can see that he is very hurt.

“For the men in the final of the 400 meters, please go to the check-in office!” My eyes followed the sound, but slowly withdrew, and there was no classmate, no good-looking. The fierce competition passed from my eyes, I swept a few eyes and saw an active figure – Sun Yihan actually appeared on the field! He still moves forward slowly, and sees it in the last position. It seems that he did not fight for the first thought… I heard a message: Anyone who participated in the finals, even if it is the last one, has a point. reward. Perhaps, this score alone will be able to control the group and get the best results. Is it that he is suffering from a severe pain in order to compete for the class? My heart immediately gave birth to a tribute, a great collective sense of honor!

In the afternoon, his figure has not appeared again. The 1,500-meter pre-final (directly in the top six) is about to set off another climax. In the crowded playground, the audience of each class has gathered. I am sitting in a chair leisurely, waiting for the players to appear.” Hey!” Twenty people rushed out together. The 1500-meter test is endurance, and the players opened the distance on the first lap. My eyes looked around for another player in our class, and both of them stepped into my sights – Sun Yihan and Yang Zheng. The two alternately alternate positions on the runway, one for the moment and one for the moment. It is Sun Yihan’s red and swollen heel.

The five laps of time passed quickly. There was no good news. It seems that Sun Yihan still did not win the top six places. Even ordinary people, running 1,500 meters is very tired and tired, coupled with a pair of injured feet, Sun Yihan dragged his heavy legs and came back. He only said to the teacher faintly: “My feet are so painful that I have not been able to play the best level.” After that, he returned to his seat. I accidentally turned around and saw that he was pulling his head, his red face was full of frustrated expression, and in his eyes, he pulled out a few drops of tears. I pulled my companion and sneaked into Sun Yihan. He seemed to be aware of it. He covered his face with a coat. He must hide in a corner of his heart and cry quietly. Everyone said that the tears of girls make people “can’t stand”. In fact, the tears of strong boys accidentally drop are even more shocking!

The boy’s tears tapped on my heartstrings, and the men’s tears did not flick, even if they encountered problems and difficulties. However, the naughty boy will also ignite the fire in his heart, for the sake of the collective, for the honor! The boy’s tears spoke of the true heart under the naughty surface.