I saved a bird that day.

It rained heavily when the new term came to school that day. At the gate of the community, a light brown bird stood in the middle of the road, not far away, and there was a rush of car horns. Mother quickly held the bird in her hand. Within a few seconds, a car came quickly, and the wheels ran right over the place where the bird had just stopped. The bird seemed to tremble, and probably was frightened by the passing car.
On the way home, the bird kept struggling and calling in her mother’s hand, as if thinking that we were going to hurt it, trying to open its wet wings and fly, but failed. From time to time, my mother and I comforted him: “Baby bird, don’t move, we won’t hurt you.” The bird seemed to understand his mother’s words and quieted down and stopped calling. In order not to let it slip from the palm of her hand, she gently pressed one of the bird’s wings with one finger.
When I got home, I used a large shoebox to make a comfortable nest for the bird, and gently bathed the bird with water, because when I found it, it was soaking in a dirty pool of water, not clean, afraid that it would be infected by bacteria and sick.
I’m afraid the bird has never bathed and screams in horror. I had to blow and dry its feathers with a hair dryer as soon as possible. The bird seemed to feel warm and could not stand very obediently. When I blow my wings, it spreads its wet wings wisely and turns around at the right time. How clever!
My mother and I crushed the round cookies, boiled them in boiling water, put them in purple and yellow shells, and put them on the mouth of the bird. Birds are so smart that they start feeding with their small mouths. I watched it in secret.
The more you look at it, the more cute it is! It has a pair of Black Pearl eyes, nested in small light brown feathers, and a circle of milky white fluff around its neck. The ends of wings and tails are surrounded by long, dark, shiny hairs, with a milky abdomen. Light orange pointed mouth, small and exquisite pair of vermilion claws shine. Then I noticed that he was looking at me attentively. Was he afraid that I would hurt him? I touched his smooth wings consciously and said, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. You are my chirp now.” Now let’s familiarize yourself with your new home. I won’t disturb you. Then I went downstairs to read and planned to come up and read it later.
After a period of time, I heard bird calls and the sound of hitting the glass. I was surprised and hurried to see the “chirp” upstairs. Seeing it flapping its wings, it was slamming against the glass window, trying to fly out. Because the rain outside has stopped.
I hate this cute bird, but it hit the window hard. There is something glittering in its black eyes. Shouldn’t it be tears? My heart aches at the thought of it. I went forward, silently pushed open the closed window, watched “chirp” fly out, and excitedly shouted two times, I am also happy, I think, no matter how warm the home is, it can not shut up its infinite desire for freedom.
If you see Chirp one day, please say hello to it instead of me.