Ordinary Beauty

Near noon, the sunshine penetrated through the window and spread all over the quilt. However, I still curled up in the quilt with great laziness and no desire to be half awake.
“Get up…” At this time, there was a mother’s voice.——
And I just turned over like a rascal, totally unheard of.
“What time is it?” Mom added a little anger to her voice, and I immediately woke up from my dream knowing that something was wrong.
“Ah?” Sleepy-eyed I squinted at the dazzling light of the fluorescent lamp. His face showed reluctance.
“Hurry up. Let’s go straight to lunch later. It’s all the time –“Mom went straight out the door. Just as I relaxed my vigilance and prepared to rest for a while, my mother suddenly turned her head and said with a “vicious” look, “Don’t sleep any more! Get up quickly! Don’t play computer with good food! Go outside to bask in the sun! The sunshine outside is very warm!”
“Ah. All right –“I had to resign myself to my fate and respond helplessly.
After having lunch in a hurry, my mother led me on a journey of searching for light, that is, the legendary “sunshine”.
Come on. Sit here. Every day I know I’m at home. It’s not good for your health at all. Better come out and bask in the sun. The book says -“
Before my mother finished, I sat in my chair and suddenly remembered that there was a way to reduce myopia in Weibo: close your eyes to the sun, if you insist, you can improve myopia. So I did.
When my mother saw me like this, she stopped talking. And I am immersed in the warm “sunshine therapy”.
At this time, I heard that there were steps approaching slowly, opened my eyes and looked in that direction. Because of the sunshine, my eyes were blue. After looking at them for a long time, I found that it was Grandpa and Grandma. Grandma was holding a whole set of knitting wool in her hand. Grandpa brought two small chairs. Grandma saw us laughing and waiting for Grandpa. When Ye put the chair in his hand on the ground, Grandma sat down on the small chair, picked up the needle and began to knit. Mother saw Grandma was knitting things. She looked forward with great curiosity and asked a few questions. She rushed to the house with great interest and brought the still unknitted scarf. She continued to knit it it diligently in the sunshine. From time to time, I joked with my grandmother, and occasionally I would laugh with impunity as I sat aside.
At this time, someone joined us in the Sunshine Camp. It’s a little boy from a neighbor’s house. I think he’s very cute. He followed his grandmother behind him. At this time, he was not very steady walking, often stumbling, and his grandmother followed him carefully, carefully supporting him.
The little boy was just over two years old. When he came, the adults asked some questions that he could answer now. After he had answered them in his teeth, there were bursts of laughter and praise, which really brought us a lot of joy. The little boy was naughty. He ran around with his toys and giggled as he ran. At this time, I had no time to do any more “sunshine therapy”, and my eyes were fixed on the lovely little boy. At this time, the boy’s voice, adults’jokes, greetings between everyone put together, in the warm sunshine highlighted the unusual perfection…
Maybe other people will not feel a little beautiful when they encounter this situation, but somehow, I feel that such a scene, even ordinary, has a real warmth…
This is too common beauty, but to me, it is so big, so beautiful. So profound.
That’s what I found. Ordinary beauty.