Dialogue Finds the Way”: Can we sit down and talk?

On 24 August, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lin Zheng Yue-e, published an article entitled “Everybody is tired” in the social media, calling for dialogue to find a way for Hong Kong.
Earlier, several Hong Kong media reported that Lin Zheng Yue-e will chair the first preparatory meeting of “Dialogue Platform” on 24th. Lin Zhengyue-e said in her article that she invited a group of interested people to meet on the morning of the 24th, hoping to solve the social dilemma, but this was not the “dialogue platform” referred to in the workshop, but invited them to share their ideas on building a dialogue platform. She thanked these people for their willingness to walk into the concierge hall in difficult times and help the government find a way for society.
Lin Zhengyue’e said that dissidents and citizens in different positions are increasingly dissatisfied with each other and may even lead to hatred. After more than two months, everyone was tired. Continuous struggle is not the way out. She appealed, “Can we sit down and talk?”
Lin Zhengyue’e said in her article that the current predicament stems from the revision of regulations for fugitives, but the public’s dissatisfaction may also stem from deep-seated social contradictions in different areas such as politics, economy and people’s livelihood. Therefore, while calling for the cessation of violence, we must also provide a way out to solve the deeper “dead knot” of society.
Lin Zhengyue’e said that the dialogue advocated by the government is a dialogue that lasts for a long time, regardless of class, color, age. The most important thing is that the whole society holds the same beliefs, promotes them together, and understands, forgives and forgives each other through communication. If there is a platform for dialogue among the people and officials are expected to participate, the government will also be happy to attend.