Guangzhou IKEA New Store Welcomes Guests Flow “burst shed”

On the 28th, IKEA Guangzhou Xintianhe Mall officially opened, attracting a large number of “fans” to punch in, and some citizens queued up two hours in advance to become “the first guest”.
IKEA Xintianhe Mall opened at 10 a.m. that day. Reporters arrived at IKEA at 9:30 and saw nearly 200 people waiting in line at the first and second floor entrance. The three restricted passages were filled with people, and the queue went out of the passage. With the opening time approaching, more and more customers are coming. The front of IKEA is full of people.
In the first place, Ms. Wang calls herself IKEA’s “senior powder”. She told reporters that in order to avoid traffic jams on the road to catch up with the opening of business, she deliberately went out early and arrived at the mall at more than 8 o’clock.
Next came a group of six aunts, all of whom lived near Sanxi Metro Station and walked for 10 minutes. Aunt told reporters: “We are here to join the fun. Having visited IKEA before, I heard that the new store is open and there is a discount, so we’ll come and clean up the goods! “
There were also many young people in the queue. Qiu, a 16-year-old classmate, said, “When I saw that IKEA meatballs were delicious on the Internet, I wanted to try them and buy some snacks back.” IKEA restaurant attracts many citizens. On the first day of opening, there was a huge flow of people. Although the area of the dining area was much larger than the IKEA Mall of the former Guangzhou East Railway Station, the reporters queued for half an hour to buy the meal.
In addition, some new areas in the new store, such as cafes, children’s parks and photo walls, also attracted a large number of consumers.
It is understood that the new IKEA Tianhe shopping mall has an area of 21,000 square meters, creating a two-storey roaming space, about 5,000 square meters more than the original East Railway Station. The Sanxi Metro Station is located in the second CBD core area of Guangzhou, and the cluster of household enterprises develops. According to the plan, as a supporting business district, besides the new IKEA store, the area will also introduce Sam’s member stores in the future.