The Woodcutter’s Narration Interrogated by the Procurator

It was I who found the dead body. This morning, as usual, I went to the back hill to cut down firs. It was in the jungle of the back hill that the corpse was found. Do you mean the location of the corpse? That’s about four or five hundred meters from Shanke Street (Dongshan District, Kyoto City). There was nothing but bamboo and thin fir trees.
The corpse was dressed in light blue silk civilian clothes and wore a Beijing-style black yarn cap, lying on his back on the ground. Although he only got a knife on his body, it penetrated deeply into his chest, so the bamboo leaves around the corpse were as red as sufa. No, when I found out, the blood had stopped. The wound seems to have dried up. And there was a horse fly on the corpse, as if I could not hear my footsteps, desperately gnawing at the corpse.
Have you seen a knife or something? No, nothing. It was just a rope on the root of a fir tree next to the corpse. And… Yes, besides the rope, there is a comb. There are only two things around the corpse. However, on the grass and the fallen leaves, there is a large area of trampled traces, that must be the man who had quite fierce resistance before he was killed. What? Do you say there are any horses? It’s a place where horses can’t get in at all. Because there is a bamboo forest between the road where horses can pass.
The narrative of the foot monk interrogated by the prosecutor
I did meet that dead man yesterday. Yesterday’s… Well, it’s about noon. The location is on the way from Guanshan (the border between Kyoto and Shiga prefectures) to Shanke. The man and a woman on horseback were coming towards Guanshan. Because the woman had a ramie veil hanging over her face, I couldn’t see her face clearly. I could only see the bright red and blue on her, like the color of her autumn dress. The horse is a peach blossom horse… It’s like a monk’s horse whose mane has been shaved off. How tall do you say the horse is? About four feet four inches high? Because I’m a monk, I don’t know much about it. Men are… No, no, the man not only wears a knife, but also a bow and arrow. I remember now that there were twenty arrows in his dark quiver.
I never dreamed that the man would end up like this. Human life is like dew and electricity. It’s not bad at all. Well, what should I say? It’s really weird and pitiful.
Description of the arrest campaign interrogated by the prosecutor
You mean the man I caught? I remember his real name was Duoxiang Wan. He was a famous burglar. When I caught him, he seemed to have fallen from a horse and was injured. He was groaning and groaning in pain on the Shiqiao at Suitakou (the entrance to Kyoto). Moments? It was at the beginning of last night. I remember when I almost caught him, he was wearing this high-ranking blue civilian clothes and a long sword with a handle. Others are the bows and arrows you see now. Is that so? The dead man had these things on him too… Well, it must be the Duoxiang pill that did this homicide. Leather-rolled bows, black arrows, seventeen arrows decorated with Eagle feathers… These are probably the men’s things. Yes, the horse is a monk’s peach blossom horse, as you said. The boy will be thrown down by the animal. It must be fated. Horses? In front of the stone bridge, the horse dragged a long rein and ate the reeds by the road.
The Duoxiangwan fellow is really a lewd compared with some thieves who are messing around in Beijing. Last autumn, in the hill behind Bintoulu (one of the sixteen Arhats) in the Bird Ministry Temple, a woman and a girl who came to visit were both killed. The boy admitted that he had done the case. If this man was killed by the boy of Doxiangwan, then the whereabouts of the woman on the peach blossom horse are unknown. I beg your pardon, sir. You must try the whereabouts of women.
The narrative of Lao Ren who was questioned by the prosecutor
Yes, the corpse was the man my daughter married. But he is not from the capital. He is a warrior in Ruogang County. His name is Jin Zewuhong. He is twenty-six years old. No, he’s very mild-tempered. He’s never going to have anything to do with anyone.
Do you mean my daughter? Her daughter’s name is Zhensha. She is nineteen years old. She is tough-tempered and does not lose anything to men, but she has never been with other men except Wu Hong. It looks light and dark, with a black mole in the left corner of the eye and a small melon face.
Wu Hong and my daughter set off for Ruojiao yesterday. What happened on the way, and it ended up like this? But where did my daughter go again? My son-in-law’s business has become a reality. It can be done with all sincerity, but I’m worried about my daughter’s business. Please pedestrian line, even if it is my wife’s lifelong request, I beg you to carefully look for every plant, must find out my daughter’s whereabouts. Speaking of what is the most hateful thieves called Duoxiang pills, not only my son-in-law, but also my daughter… (Sobbing afterwards)