Just order a bunch of kebabs

Mr. Xu in Baoshan, Shanghai, runs a barbecue shop. In April this year, on the first day of the opening of the new store, a large group of guests arrived and sat full. It is reasonable to say that so many guests should be happy, but this group of people just sit and don’t order meals for half a day. At first glance, it’s not easy. Mr. Xu rushed to report to the police. Recently, the Baoshan court heard the case and made a judgment. It is also a crime for the hegemony not to order food. The cause of the incident is to start in February this year, the defendant Feng Mou and Zhang Moulin co-operated a barbecue shop called a barbecue in Baoshan City.
In March, the victim, Mr. Xu, also wanted to open a barbecue shop, but was told by Zhang Moulin not to open in Baoshan City. So, Mr. Xu rented a shop in Yuepu Town. After renovation, he opened a trial business on April 26, also named a barbecue. After learning about this situation, Feng Mou and Zhang Moulin were in a bad mood. Police: “What do you want? Have you ordered yet? Mr. Xu, the shopkeeper, said, “They are sitting inside, and none of their friends can come in.” Insider: I ordered it. They didn’t serve it. On the opening day of Mr. Xu’s new store, Feng Mou and Zhang Moulin organized 25 people, such as Wei Mou, to come to the store. Feng Mou and Zhang Moulin told their colleagues that they should not sit at the barbecue shop. If the victim called the police, they would order a string of mutton kebabs.
Mr. Xu realized that he had encountered “soft violence” and immediately called the police. During the police’s disposal period, a group of troublemakers began ordering meals at this time, and continued to entangle on the grounds of their normal consumption. Xie Bin, Judge of Baoshan Court, said: “Taking seats, not ordering, or many people only ordered a mutton kebab, which is a very special way to eat in restaurants, interferes with the normal operation of victims, in fact, in order to suppress competitors.” After the trial of Baoshan Court, the defendants Feng Mou and Zhang Moulin employed and instructed many people to disturb and create momentum in public places, affecting the normal operation of others, and the circumstances were bad. Finally, Feng Mou and Zhang Moulin were convicted of the offence of provoking trouble and sentenced to 9 months’imprisonment; another 13 people were convicted of the offence of provoking trouble and sentenced to 6 to 7 months’ imprisonment respectively, while the rest were dealt with separately.