The dim light of night

Sixteen-year-old autumn night blurred and quiet, I put my tired body on the lake, stunned, feel a beautiful enjoyment. Behind him, on the hillside, the noisy railway construction site in the daytime was silent at this time, only a burst of earthy odor overflowed. The smooth, waveless water of the lake shows a deep black, with a thin layer of silver and white starlight. Occasionally with a splash, the fish jumped out of the water and stirred up several circles of ripples. The hills on both sides of the lake are black as a group of sleeping beasts. In front of the left, a mound wedged into the lake. On the mound was the house we had borrowed. The uneven roofs cast a serrated black shadow in the lake.
After dinner, I often sit by the lake like this, so that I am deeply immersed in silence and loneliness. If the educated youth named Chen Jianping came, his heart would be more comfortable. Because after sitting for a while, he would take out his piano to play. At first, the sound of his harmonica attracted me to the lake. He likes to play Soviet folk songs. The melodious harmonica sounds drifting along the lake. It seems very sad. It often takes my mind far away.
Now, there is no harmonica, no shadow, and all around is empty.
The eastern sky is a little white, and the moon is going to rise. There were some dreamy bird songs in the black forest. A breeze slipped through my neck. I put my hand into the lake, which was so soft and cool. My hand was drawn, and the water rippled slightly. I scooped up the board water with one hand. The water slipped from my fingers and splashed into the lake. Ding Ding Dongdong was very beautiful.
Meanwhile, the sound of a slight stirring of the lake came up against the surface. Following the sound, I saw a small canoe drawn from the shadow of the mouth of the hill, like a willow leaf, gliding lightly toward the center of the lake. There was a black figure on the bow of the boat beating oars, leaning forward and retreating, so that the oars could not be rowed out of the water, so as not to make a loud noise. Too far away to recognize who it was, the rower soon reached the center of the lake, and the scissors generally cut the smooth and calm surface of the lake open. Because of it, all the scenery in the night is vivid. The stars in the lake shook and the mountains on the other side moved slowly.
Suddenly, the sound of water rushed in my ears. I saw another boat coming near the shore, almost in front of me. The silver splash of the blades splashed across the fan, showing a fleeting beauty in the hazy night. The oar-beater is an old man named Qin waiter. His bald head is very striking. He stared at the center of the lake without noticing me.
I waved, “Old Qin waiter!”
He was stunned, stopped paddling, and the fast paddling slowed down suddenly.
His bald head turned blindly several times before he found me and stamped his foot gently: “You shout Mozi you?”
The scratch was smacked by him.
I said, “What are you doing?”
He said, “I… Rowing.”
I said, “That’s good. Take me to play!”
He kept silent and seemed reluctant. After a moment, he shook the boat to the shore.
Before the bow touched the shore, I jumped on it.
I almost fell into the water with a sudden sway of the canoe, thanks to his stretching out his hand to hold me.
“Take you to play well, but not many mouths,” he said. “My old waiter, who is a dozen years old, doesn’t like the little girl’s verbosity.”
I nodded, and his eyes were glossy, as if they were not the old Qin waiter.
I sit in the front cabin. The old waiter of Qin Dynasty beat hard at the paddle, and the paddle piles squeaked heavily. As soon as he worked hard, the rows were clearly moving forward. The bow of the boat pushed out a bunch of small waves, which made a rustling sound, as if talking about something.
Night began to flow. If there is no night haze drifting from both sides, the quiet lake slides towards the bow of the boat. The mountains are spinning. The Black Forest on the hill was in a riot. The stars in the water swam back like tadpoles, while the stars on the top of the hill ran forward over the treetops, lest they could not catch up with our rows.
I have a faint intness like intoxication. I feel that I have flowed into the distance with the gentle night wind. It was only with the panting and paddling of old Qin waiters that I realized my real existence.
The front row became a blurred black spot, but it left a clear track on the lake. Our canoe traveled very fast along the track, and I realized that the old Qin waiter was chasing the canoe. The surface of the lake twisted around a bend under the pressure of a mountain beam. The rows ahead were missing. Old Qin waiter was breathing fast, oars were beating out of the water from time to time, and the ink-like water of the lake was stirred up and rattled. Starlight jumped lively on the blade. Old Qin waiter threw a dozen into the oblique thorn and turned the boat into a lake branching. The hills on both sides of the lake branching are confronted by dim light and few stars in the gloomy water. For a while, there was only one long row left over the water and the sky above. The dark shadows of the hills were covered on both sides. I could not see the face of the old man Qin. I could only see the bald head floating in the night.
The branching of the lake became narrower and narrower. It looked as if it had reached its end. But after turning a bend, the hill on the left suddenly dwarfed, opening a gap where it should be at the end of the branching. Looking through the gap, there was a huge magical silver foil over there. Old Qin waiter kept paddling, paddling through the gap.
A vast silver lake suddenly appeared in front of us. The crowded mountains retreated to the far north and south, just east, with a deep blue night sky.
Suddenly, he bent down and started to operate the oar.
So the rowboat slowly entered the full moon and anchored quietly in it. It looks like the row is not big or small. The moon just can bear it. In that brilliant full moon, the sharp rows at both ends and the sculptor’s silhouette are as clear and moving as the paper-cut artists cut and pasted on the street. The scene remained motionless for a while before it moved again. The man put down the oar and went to the middle of the oar, which is the middle of the moon. He stood on the cabin with his legs open, his head held high, and waved his hands out. It looks like a recitation performance on the stage. His faint voice came from the lake, but he couldn’t hear clearly. He raised his head sharply, his hands flat, his body formed a “big” word, shouted something, then suddenly folded his arms, and then raised his head, forming a “fire” word, as if he wanted to lift the moon from the lake to the night sky. His hands had not been lowered for a long time, and the orange full moon seemed to be really moved by him, slightly raised.
I think that person’s posture is a little familiar, like Chen Jianping.
I look back at old Qin waiter. He sat on the bow of the boat holding the oar and stared at the boat in front of him, holding his breath as if intoxicated by the sight before him. But suddenly he twisted uneasily and his breathing increased sharply.
I quickly followed his line of sight. I saw a man standing abruptly in the front cabin of the canoe, bursting out a series of clear and bright laughter. Then, the man bowed his head slightly, then shook his head to the right and back. A long braid rose from his chest, and drew an arc in the moon, landed on his back. His posture was very beautiful. She walked towards the figure in the rows. Her shadow was obviously not as tall as the man, but fuller than him. In the bright mirror of the Yellow moon, the two figures slowly approached, approached, and blinked into one.
Our rows swayed gently, and the piles scratched against the oars, making a subtle but ugly scream. When I turned around, Old Qin waiter trembled and hunched, as if he had been under unbearable pressure, gasping hard, and crowded out a few murmuring murmurs in his throat. I hurried over and shook his arm:
“Qin Bo, what’s wrong with you?”
Old Qin waiter pulled my hand away, stared at me fiercely, and continued to stare at the moon.
The only thing left in the moon was the swaying canoe, and the shadow had disappeared. Did you fall into the lake? I’m a little worried. There were no waves or ripples on the lake below the moon. There was only a flash of light, unlike any sign of someone falling into the water. The rows did not sway, and the moon was rising, only a small part of which was still in the lake. The canoe was anchored in that small part, and it seemed that it would fall out of the moon immediately.
The breeze blew over the lake and the night surged. The moon flickered, then jumped out of the lake and hung over the boat. Many stars retreated and twinkled. The color of the moon has also changed, from orange to silver, so it is more and more clean. Moonlight, like a transparent waterfall, slopes down from mid-air and wanders freely over the lake.
The moon is getting higher and higher from the surface of the water, and in the lake water, there is another round of the same crystal clear moon, but the moon in the water is not round, is a long oval shape, and constantly waving. The boat floated on the horizon, just above the moon in the water, as if held by the moon in the water. The outline of the scratch is not so clear, but I can clearly see that there are two figures on the scratch, one tall and one short, sitting face to face, head sometimes linked together, sometimes divided into two places.
Old Qin waiter had calmed down, breathed evenly, and his eyes were no longer shining like that. He sat lazily as if tired.
For a time there was an empty silence all around, and the night sky seemed deep and deep. The moonlight is bright and blurred. It seems that it is the moonlight that fills the sky and the earth with tranquility and makes everything melt into each other and dream of each other. I was in a trance, feeling that my body and mind had been dissolved and absorbed by this tranquility.
Suddenly from this silence came the clatter of oars, and then the harmonica.
Focus on the boat, see that the boat has passed through the water and the moon, sliding towards us in a leisurely way, paddle splashes like pearls of spray. The stern track sparkled like a ribbon of moonlight, and the music played by the harmonica seemed to fall on that ribbon. As the rower passed only ten meters away from us, the sound of the piano quietly stopped. The man took the oar and stroked hard. The moonlight flowed vividly on his bare arms. The woman sat at the bow with her knees in her arms and occasionally glanced at us. The round-faced mirror reflected a moonlight.
I recognized them and heard whispers:
“Will you come back tomorrow?”
The row slowly went away. Old Qin waiter pulled at my sleeve: “Go back.”
I nodded.
Old Qin waiter said again, “You can paddle, I’ll take a rest.”
I said, “OK.”
I picked up my oar and rowed as hard as I could, trying to catch up with the rows ahead. The paddles dipped in the full moon urgently pushed the lake. But my strength was obviously inferior to him. The distance grew bigger and bigger. First, I could not hear the oars in front of me. Then, even the blurred shadow of the boat quietly disappeared into the night.
I looked back. Old Qin waiter lay on the top of Fu with his eyes closed. The watery moon in the lake followed us if it left the ground.
The next evening, just as the stars jumped out of the sky, I went out and walked along the high lake bank to the dock. Looking on the shore, I saw a boat in the middle of the lake. Two figures were visible on it. There are only two rows in the company. There should be another one on the wharf. I just wanted to go down. Old Qin waiter came ashore along the stone steps.
I stopped him and said, “Are you going boating?”
Old Qin waiter sat down and smoked dry cigarettes with narrow strips of paper. I looked down at the lake. The boat was as small as a melon seed shell. Old Qin waiter lit smoke and breathed in silence. Blue smoke curled up along his wrinkled forehead, making the night more intense.
Behind him came the sound of miscellaneous footsteps. The company commander led several descendants to rush to the dock. Yellow gorillas are also among them. They all looked excited as if something important had happened.
I asked them, “How about Mozi?”
No one answered, and the last Huang Shuzi blinked mysteriously, raised the rope in his hand, pointed to Nunu mouth in the lake, and then rushed down the lake bank.
My heart is a little tight. The boat in the lake was small enough to be a sesame seed. The old waiter of the Qin Dynasty was sitting still like a stone carving. There are more and more stars in the lake, and the lake slowly brightens up.
Suddenly the company commander returned to the shore and patted the old man on the shoulder. “Er, did you see the oars on the rows?”
Old Qin waiter held out a thin finger in the night sky above his finger.
The company commander was puzzled: “What does Mozi mean?”
Old Qin waiter sprayed a cigarette: “God knows.”
The company commander looked into the lake and scratched his scalp. “Waiting for the rows to be used urgently, why can’t he find the oars suddenly?” Somehow… Damn it, cheap those two bourgeois corrupt elements! Forget it. Go back.
The company commander led a group of people and walked away in dismay.
I sat down beside Old Qin waiter. The evening air is refreshing and pleasant, with a hint of tobacco aroma. The lake below the shore looks like a piece of dark green glass, with golden stars dotted on it. The sky in the East is blue and deep, and it shines slightly. Between the everlasting mountains, there is also a fascinating tranquility.
There are no rows on the lake. I think it may have passed through the silver light and sailed into the golden moon.