Didi windmill notice

Recently didi windmill announced its return, which caused a heated discussion among netizens. The focus of the debate is the regulation of restricting female passengers to ride at night. Before that, Didi Shunfeng was put on the cusp of the storm because of some adverse events. It is reasonable that didi Shunfeng is so regulated. Of course, it is also to ensure the safety of passengers as much as possible, but netizens are still not satisfied!
Due to restrictions on the right of female passengers to ride at night, Didi’s ride was nailed to the stigma of “sexism” by netizens. Despite repeated official explanations, netizens simply ignored it, but the voices against it grew louder. Finally, Didi followed the windmill and announced that both men and women would stop service at 8 p.m.
The official said that we would like to thank all the friends who criticized, cared and helped didi ride. After listening to the opinions and suggestions of all parties, we decided to adjust the service time for all ride users to 5:00-20:00. In addition, we also want to share with you our thoughts on the safety of downwind vehicles. I hope you can read them patiently and give us more suggestions.
There are also many netizens who feel unfair for Didi. If you don’t do anything, you say that people are irresponsible and restrict women’s driving. You call for sexism. If it’s changed, it’s labeled “one size fits all” by netizens. Get rid of everyone’s transposition and think about it. If you make decisions, will you do better than didi? How do you want to be satisfied?
In response to this incident, the official microblog of the people’s daily also published a review article called “respect users to win dignity”, and praised Didi’s practice of respecting users, being sincere and being able to listen to users.
How to make netizens satisfied with Didi’s windmill announcement and dispute again?
People’s daily official praises Didi
“From being accused of discriminating against women to adjusting quickly, Didi shows her soft body. In the public opinion field, the voice is loud and diverse, which may not satisfy everyone no matter how you do it, but as long as you respect users, keep listening sincerely, form a benign interaction, and correct unreasonable regulations in time, you can win understanding. Unloading arrogance, do not add blocking to users, the windmill will not be blocked. “
In fact, everyone has turned the focus of attention over the debate about “women’s rights”, because a series of major security incidents, Didi SHUNQI, which was put back on line 435 days after offline rectification, in fact, the security measures taken are not only to restrict female users to drive at night.
Didi Fang said that during the trial operation of the downwind vehicle, a total of 330 functions in 18 versions were rectified. In the new scheme, the platform will introduce a dishonest screening mechanism, and actively explore ways to cooperate with third-party credit product enterprises, so as to further improve the user access threshold.
Car owners and passengers need to submit ID cards and face recognition when registering;
The platform collects the driving license, driving license and ID card information in the way of dynamic shooting when the car owner registers, so as to prevent the certificate from counterfeiting. Didi, together with the public security organ, carries out a comprehensive background review of registered car owners;
The dishonest executor who can be found publicly cannot be registered as the owner of the windmill. At the same time, Didi also transplanted the 110 alarm, trip sharing, emergency contact and other safety functions in the online car Hailing to the windmill business.
How to ensure the safety of female passengers? Didi staff said in an interview with the Xinhua news agency that didi SHUNQI specially formulated a women’s exclusive protection plan to hide personal information and prevent picking up the list. At the same time, it also launched a women’s safety assistant, which can check the age of the vehicle and the driving age of the owner, and give an immediate warning of abnormal conditions.
In fact, it’s a very meaningful thing for people to travel. It’s not advisable to stop eating because of choking.