Ali Beijing headquarters starts construction

Zhang Yong, chairman and CEO of Alibaba’s board of directors, introduced the start-up ceremony of Alibaba’s Beijing headquarters park Tuesday that the park will be completed in 2024 with a total investment of 6.4 billion yuan and a construction area of 470000 square meters.
Alibaba’s Beijing headquarters is located in the north of E-City, Chaoyang District, north of Laiguangying East Road and west of the planned fifth road. Zhang Yong said that Ali currently has 110000 employees and 13000 employees in Beijing, of which technology accounts for about two-thirds. “Beijing, as the capital, is the highland of science, technology, culture and talents. It insists on taking root in Beijing and making contributions to the innovation and development of the capital.”.
In addition, Alibaba released an open letter to Beijing: let’s dream, let’s start. “In the past 20 years, the ancient and vibrant Beijing city has witnessed Alibaba’s development from a dream starting from the Great Wall to a digital economy covering technology, e-commerce, finance, logistics, local life, entertainment and various emerging businesses,” the letter wrote. Today, Alibaba’s main core businesses have all landed in Beijing. ” (end)