Suning denies layoffs

On December 31, Suning said that there was no “layoff” in the recent internet news of “Suning’s personnel optimization and layoff at the end of the year”. Suning said that it was to adjust and optimize the position of the original debut of, whose performance did not meet the requirements. Reproduced from the home of the first original webmaster of and the home of the first original webmaster of, Su Ning said that Su Ning is a fast-growing enterprise, with more than 20000 talents introduced in 2019, and there is no “layoff”; and in 2020, Su Ning will also be transferred from the home of the webmaster to increase the introduction of technical talents and 1200 engineering in the future No less than 8000 people.
In order to ensure the combat effectiveness of employees, Suning will conduct the initial original evaluation of performance duel, provide more development space for the promotion of outstanding personnel, and adjust and optimize the positions where the performance does not meet the requirements. Reprinted from the home of the stationmaster, Suning made three important acquisitions in 2019. In February, Suning won Wanda Department store at a price of 2.7 billion yuan, bought OK convenience store in August, and spent another 4.8 billion yuan to buy 80% of Carrefour’s shares in China in September. In September this year, media reported that Suning sports completed more than 20% of the layoffs and resumed the integration negotiations with ALI. In response, Suning said that it was untrue.