Autumn Beautiful autumn

“Since ancient times, when autumn is sad and lonely, I say autumn is better than spring.” This is the voice of Liu Yuxi, a poet of Tang Dynasty, and also the true feeling of autumn. Walking in autumn, I unconsciously have this kind of sentiment. It’s really “the heart has a touch of inspiration”.
All year round, spring, summer, autumn and winter, I prefer autumn. As the saying goes, “Spring sows autumn harvest”. Autumn is the harvest season. It is the season with a smile on farmers’faces. How can we not capture my heart in such a season?
Autumn scenery, a variety of, each has a different charm. If you walk in the field, in the forest path, it is a kind of beautiful enjoyment.
Look, that spacious bright tar road stretches straight into the distance. Autumn girls throw several golden leaves on the Black-faced highway, like blossom clips stuck in the girl’s dark hair, which add a lot of beauty.
If you are willing to look to the roadside, you will arrive at another paradise. Under the urging of the autumn girl, the flowers and plants are going to fall asleep. They are going to rest for a whole winter. Save energy for vigor and vitality when spring returns to the earth. The petals of withered flowers and the leaves of withered grass are not disposed of like garbage. They will become the “nutritious meal” of flowers and plants, which is called “falling red is not ruthless, but become spring mud to protect flowers”.
Look, in the neat paddy field, rice plants stand upright and ears droop in rows. The full ears of rice hung their heads and greeted the industrious peasants as if whispering the story that only hard work can bring happy fruits.
Walking in the woods is another kind of interest. Green has become a distant memory, leaving only gradually yellow leaves, floating in the wind, this is the true meaning of autumn.
In the woods, big trees support each other, many branches pull each other, and help each other to grow into towering trees. The huge roots are deeply embedded in the soil and absorb the nutrients of nature. Nature raises big trees, and the trees return to nature. How happy is this!
The fallen leaves in the forest, no one sweeps them, just stack up one layer at a time. Stepping on the fallen leaves and making a sound of “sand and sand” is very pleasant. A gust of autumn wind blows, and another gust of fallen leaves. Listening to Grandma said: “She lived in that era, there is no such leaves.” I gradually understand the changes in life, the wealth of the day and social progress.
The wind is getting cold. If you don’t pay attention to it, you may catch a cold. If you want to spend the night in the fields, you must wear thick clothes and listen to the insects. This voice may be admiring the abundance of autumn, and may be enlightening the beauty of life, but it will not last long, because winter will hide this voice.
Autumn comes quietly and goes quietly, so if you want to see the autumn scenery, you must grasp it, maybe you can also grasp the autumn tail!