Never regret meeting you

Time flies.
The hearts of the people, separated from the distant country, the stomach of the feelings, knot in the deep intestine.
Nowadays, I am only deeply rooted in my present life. I seldom go to collect the morning flowers at night, to recapture the time of the college entrance examination, or suddenly look back and find the person who was in the lamplight.
Yes. The soul-killer is the only other. Why bother? Sleep, sleep.
If the moonlight of water projects a little afterglow on the glass outside the window, the dense drizzle whistles the two pots of Cymbidium on the balcony. The door on the balcony seems to be not closed. The evening breeze is sentimental, the night is intoxicating, and I am in a trance.
Senior three, it is a minute-by-minute connection, a long night to a long day, every minute has no definite promise, whether the results of the model exam or the difficult exercises, can not provide us with a clear answer, we can only gasp for breath, desperately suppress their mood that may collapse at any time, while in the vast situation of thousands of troops, Carefully strive to preserve their own blade of the boat rowed toward the “single-wooden bridge”.
The days of the 100-day sprint were compact and hard to grind. Often lying idly in the corridor with a few friends on the wall to bask in the sun, counting currently there are a number of sit-in, weekly practice, monthly exams, step test, groping and so on numerous exams, all day with a panicky heart, can not help but lament “sad and miserable sorrow”, and the head teacher will always appear behind us unconsciously, cold bluffing “not fast for me to advance.” “Go.” He pretended to be angry, suddenly raised the thin wooden strips in his hand, and then lightly fell on our back shoulders, without pain or itching, but would brush away the tedious and tedious life.
Although I’m often driven into the classroom, I still blow in the corridor when I’m free because…
When he came, I was just getting better. At the end of the corridor, the tall, thin figure slowly approached. His mouth was slightly raised, as if he had a clear direction in mind. His white skirt was covered with morning light, his eyes were clear, his smile was three-fold subtle, seven-minute unpredictable, and the first spring was warm.
“Yo, Qiao”. Suddenly he had a Book of exercises in his hand. He reached out and knocked on my head with a book. Before I could respond, he stopped a few metres away with his long legs in the same position as I did: “Stupid, you can’t hide? Ha-ha”.
At that time, regardless of the time and the weather on the corridor, we just hugged our ideals with pride. Others, the spring breeze is magnificent, the sunset is also brilliant.
“Well,” he threw the exercise book to me. “Yesterday I went to the bookstore to buy materials, but I didn’t pay attention to getting an extra one.”
“Thank you.” “It’s all right. Take care of your little brother.” Looking at his proud boasting, I couldn’t help turning my head. It seemed that the head teacher’s shadow appeared at the corner of the stairs. I turned around in a hurry to let him leave. Who knows that he had disappeared for a long time. I laughed at myself. Countless short breaks for a few minutes, never need to deliberately look for topics and always talk and laugh, a pretended idleness preference for “sunbathing”, a pretended casual downstairs happened to pass the corridor outside the classroom, tacit coordination of the performance, green and authentic acting skills, has become a tacit meeting.
Even if the rain doesn’t know the spring, the sunshine will make the summer dark. Time is a gentle hand hidden in the darkness, a trance, it has been a few degrees of change.
The breeze was blowing, the branches were trembling, and the flowers of Magnolia were covered with rustle and rustle. In the early June campus, the spring has already faded, the tender lotus in the pond shows a sharp corner, gardenia petals seem to be picked from the tree tops, and some still reluctantly dominate the branches, as if whispering, this coming season is too sudden.
After all, this day has come. Graduation, the day that had been looking forward to countless days and nights finally came.
That afternoon, everyone was busy cleaning, setting up tables and chairs, and then slowly walked out of the youngest three years of our youth with a large stack of review books. I was also in the crowd.
He approached in silence and took the heavy collection of review materials from my arms. Walk side by side, silent. “Yo, Qiao.” I learn how he used to look and say hello to him. But he did not answer, and the atmosphere became awkward.
The setting sun shines thin and quietly lengthens the shadow of pedestrians. Silence along the way.
At the departure point, I bumped into his arm: “Hey, your hard work is over…” With that, I grinned at him and went to pick up the book in his hand.
“Who says that the hard work is over, we are free, so now is the beginning. You know what? Start now.”
His words were under his tongue and could not be uttered. That pair reflects the whole of my pupils, very clear, very bright.
In the darkness, the heart beats; within a short distance, the heart is clear; the most silent, heart-beating.
Turbulent time always diverges. Later, not every story has its own aftermath, but mostly it ends without illness. So no later.
At four o’clock in the morning, the bright moon outside the window was in the sky, and the past came one after another. Silent dawn, we can not cross the noisy flashy, helpless and can only compromise.
I rolled over, put my side face on my arm, and tried to fall asleep…
“I never regret meeting you.”
And how fortunate.