All resignation of the government of Lebanon

At about 7:30 p.m. local time, Prime Minister Hassan diab of Lebanon delivered a television speech announcing the resignation of the current government.
On January 21, 2020, the president of Lebanon, Michel ORN, issued a decree announcing the completion of the cabinet with diab as prime minister. (CCTV news client, head station reporter Guan Panpan)

  1. Hassan diab, Prime Minister of Lebanon
    In a televised speech that night, diab said that the current government has been trying to seek change since taking office, but encountered great resistance, “unable to prevent some political parties from inciting people to oppose the government.”. He announced the government’s collective resignation in the hope of seeking “real change.”.
    Diab said the corruption system in Lebanon is difficult to eradicate, and the explosion in Beirut port area is one of the examples of corruption. Despite such a devastating explosion, “some people are still indifferent.”. He said the current government would not be held responsible for the corruption of previous administrations.
    After his speech, diab went to the presidential palace to submit his resignation to President Orn. Earlier in the day, Lebanon’s justice minister najim and finance minister wazni announced their resignation.
    On the 8th, diab called for early parliamentary elections in order to resolve the various crises facing Lebanon. On September 9, Lebanon’s minister of information, Abdel Samad, and Minister of environment, Qatar, resigned one after another. (people’s daily)
    A violent explosion occurred in the Beirut port area on the evening of April 4, killing 158 people, injuring more than 6000 people and leaving dozens of others unaccounted for.
    After a large-scale explosion, there were violent demonstrations and clashes with the authorities in Beirut for three days.
    Since October 17 last year, large-scale demonstrations broke out in many parts of Lebanon, demanding the resignation of the government and the formation of a new technocratic government. On October 29, then Prime Minister Hariri announced his resignation. On December 19, ORN appointed diab as Prime Minister of the new government and authorized him to form a cabinet. On January 21 this year, diab completed the cabinet.
    On August 8, thousands of people gathered in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, to demand the government to resign and implement reforms. The rally quickly turned into a massive conflict between the protestors and law enforcement officers. The protestors occupied the offices of four ministries and the banking association. Lebanon’s interior ministry says one law enforcement officer died. According to previous news, more than 700 people were injured in the conflict.