Report of durian poisoning

On the morning of August 26, a cargo ship full of durian capsized in wanwei Jintan sea area of Dongxing City, Guangxi Province. A large number of durian were floating on the sea. Local villagers went to the sea to salvage them. After the incident, the local authorities on the scene to deal with, but many villagers still do not listen to dissuasion, secretly take the durian. However, from the evening of August 26 to 27, the medical and health institutions of Dongxing City in Guangxi successively received a group of people with abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea symptoms, which were initially diagnosed as food poisoning. At present, the patients are not life-threatening, stable.
It is understood that these people all ate durian picked up from wanwei sea area of Jiangping town on the morning of August 26.
Dongxing City Health Bureau issued a notice saying that the health department and market supervision and management department are making further investigation on the cause of the incident, reminding the masses to handle food with unknown origin carefully and avoid eating, presenting and selling.