Foster mother of suspected sexual assault girl

According to the “Heilongjiang daily” wechat official on September 2, recently, the news that a 4-year-old girl was taken away by a 50 day male neighbor for one night has aroused widespread concern, affecting the hearts of all walks of life and netizens.
The harm to girls under the age of 5 is abominable and abominable, which seriously damages the physical and mental health of girls and infringes on their legitimate rights and interests. The women’s Federation of Heilongjiang Province severely condemns the violence against girls and insists on severe punishment according to law so that criminals can pay the due price.
Suspect Liu. Photo source / photos provided by interviewees
After the case occurred, the provincial women’s Federation immediately contacted the police handling the case to understand the relevant case, and requested the Harbin women’s Federation to further understand the relevant situation and closely coordinate with the relevant functional departments. At the same time, the provincial women’s Federation actively coordinates and communicates with the procuratorial organ. At present, the procuratorial organ has intervened in this case in advance.
The suspect’s adoptive mother spoke
The suspect’s adoptive mother said that the suspect drank two bottles of liquor that day, harming the little girl. In addition, the adoptive mother said that Liu was picked up by her, and she would beat and scold herself as soon as she drank.
Previously reported
On the evening of August 29, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. A 5-year-old girl, Yuanyuan (not her real name), disappeared at the door of her home. Her family searched for help overnight but failed to call the police for help. The next day, when Yuanyuan returned home, she had multiple injuries, and her lower body was lacerated.
On August 30, Yuanyuan’s temperature reached 39.5 ℃ and was sent to ICU for treatment. According to Yuanyuan’s father, the suspect was a 54 year old male neighbor, Liu, who had come home to eat before. On the day of the incident, Liu cheated Yuanyuan that he would take her to her grandmother and take her away.
On September 1, Daoli Branch of Harbin Public Security Bureau issued a police information circular. Liu, a suspect suspected of rape, was arrested early on August 30 and detained in accordance with the law. At present, the case is under further work.