360000 Harley motorcycles purchased by traffic police

On the afternoon of September 15, the traffic police detachment of Changchun public security bureau was exposed to use the motorcycle as Harley, with a unit price of 367600 yuan.
According to a purchase transaction announcement on Jilin provincial government procurement website, in addition to purchasing 10 Harley flhx motorcycles, there are 160 biaqiao motorcycles with a unit price of 145000 yuan.
The successful supplier is Shanghai fenghuolun Motorcycle Co., Ltd., with the bid price of 29315660 yuan.
Xiaoxiang Morning Post reporter through enterprise inspection found that the company was established on October 18, 2007, with a registered capital of 6.2 million yuan.
In response, some people have asked on social media: face is there, is it necessary to buy such expensive motorcycles for road patrol?
In the evening of that day, a reporter from Xiaoxiang Morning Post contacted Changchun traffic police detachment. A staff member confirmed that the motorcycle was bought two years ago. He was only responsible for following the (Procurement) process. The motorcycle was completed through government procurement, which was compliant and has been put into use.
The reporter noted that in 2010, Changchun public security bureau was exposed to plan to purchase a notebook computer with a value of more than 29000 yuan. The person in charge of the city management public security detachment later responded that the hard disk used was solid-state hard disk, and its safety and reliability were guaranteed, which was required by the work.