Imported squid must be packed positive

On the 20th, Changchun issued a notice on the positive detection of a sample of imported frozen food in Changchun via microblog. The full text of the notice is as follows:
In order to further improve the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, according to the requirements of relevant national and provincial documents, the city has recently strengthened the active screening of imported frozen meat products and aquatic products. On September 18, Kuancheng District carried out routine monitoring on the outer packaging samples of squid whiskers with the name of “red sun Russian beard” from a food company, and the nucleic acid test results of one sample were positive. On September 19, the Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention reexamined it as positive. After verification, the product was imported from Russia by a company in Hunchun and sold to Changchun City.
The office of the Municipal Leading Group for epidemic prevention and control organized relevant departments to investigate and seal up epidemic related products in the city at the first time, carried out traceability investigation on the purchase, inventory and sales of the products, and carried out nucleic acid testing on the environment and inventory products, and the results were all negative. The nucleic acid test results were negative after tracing the suspicious exposed personnel for medical observation. The follow-up disposal work is in order.
To remind the general public to be cautious in purchasing and eating imported cold chain seafood products, so as to reduce the risk of new coronavirus infection. At the same time, pay attention to personal protection, wear masks when entering and leaving public places, reduce gathering, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors.
Changchun novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work leading group office
September 20, 2020