Zhang Yuhuan gets 4.96 million compensation

On October 30, the Red Star News reporter learned from the Jiangxi Provincial High People’s court that the court had sent the state compensation decision to Zhang Yuhuan, the claimant of compensation, and decided to pay him 4960521.5 yuan of compensation according to law. Red Star News reporter obtained from Zhang Yuhuan’s family members the “state compensation decision” of Jiangxi Higher People’s court. The following is the full text of the “state compensation decision”.
The total amount of compensation set the highest record of state compensation for domestic unjust cases. Before that, the highest amount of state compensation was obtained by Jilin jinzhehong, which was 4.68 million yuan, including more than 2 million yuan for spiritual damage.
According to the previous report of Red Star News, on the afternoon of August 4, Jiangxi Provincial High Court re tried and re judged the case of Zhang Yuhuan’s intentional killing of children 27 years ago. It held that the facts of Zhang Yuhuan’s killing two children were unclear and the evidence was insufficient. According to the principle of no suspected crime, Zhang Yuhuan could not be convicted and his innocence was changed according to law.
At 6:38 p.m. on August 4, Zhang Yuhuan, who had been detained for 9778 days, returned to his hometown in Zhangjia village, Jinxian County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province.
In an interview with Red Star News reporter before, Zhang Yuhuan once said, “after years of imprisonment, once out of prison, what needs to be repaired is not only the abandoned old house, the missing family relationship and the cognition of the new world, but also the long time, a lot of energy and sufficient material foundation to restore his own shrinking social labor ability and heal the inner trauma.”
“I hope that after 27 years of innocent injustice and innocent” rebirth “, life will be less bumpy and smooth.” Zhang Yuhuan also said.