Transmission of new coronavirus

(new coronavirus) originally was human to human, but now there is a new topic, environmental transmission. ” On December 19, Zhong Nanshan, winner of the medal of the Republic of China and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that the environmental transmission of the new coronavirus is a new topic, and scientists need to find out the law and study preventive measures.
Since July, the epidemic situation has been complicated. On November 25, the State Council’s joint prevention and control press conference held in Beijing revealed that in the past 30 days, 98 cases of newly diagnosed cases in China had been added, 7.5 times the previous 30 days. Today, local outbreaks have been reported in Chengdu, Sichuan, Suifenhe, Dongning and Dalian, Liaoning.
Zhong Nanshan pointed out that the domestic epidemic prevention and control faces two major risks: one is the import of foreign countries; the other is the transmission of new coronavirus through the environment. “Can the virus in the cold chain package infect people? How many high concentrations of virus will appear? How many days can the virus survive? These new problems need us to find out the rules and study the preventive measures. “
On January 20, Zhong Nanshan appeared in CCTV’s “news 1 + 1” program as an on-line guest, clearly pointing out that “the virus affirms human to human transmission”.
More accurate diagnosis is required for doctors in spring and winter. Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia is a common disease. Zhong Nanshan said, “influenza patients have a fever, runny nose, fatigue and muscle soreness. This is the same symptom as the new crown pneumonia. Is it influenza or new crown pneumonia? Once the diagnosis is wrong, that’s fine. This puts forward higher requirements for us. “