5g network instead of 5g package

5g logo appears in the upper right corner of my mobile phone. Does it mean that I am using 5g network? But I didn’t apply for 5g package. How did I deduct the charge? “
I believe many netizens have such doubts. Now the answer has been confirmed: even if you are not using 5g package, you can use 5g network after meeting certain conditions.
You can use 5g network like this
12, according to the graphic illustration of WeChat’s official account of the Ministry of public information, “the mobile phone micro newspaper” shows that if you are using 4G packages, you can access 5G network if your 5G phone is set correctly, and within the coverage of 5G network. If you use 5g package, you can enjoy faster 5g network service.
This means that even if you don’t have a 5g package, you can still use the 5g network. The consumption of traffic can be deducted from the user’s existing 4G package.
It is understood that now 5g mobile phone users can set whether to use 5g network. It is worth noting that if “independent 5g” is selected, the mobile phone will use 5g network for all Internet activities, because 5g network coverage is not perfect, and the signal may be unstable.
Does the speed of mobile phone network become faster after 5g network logo appears? Because the speed of mobile network is affected by time, place and the number of people on the network at the same time, it is difficult to make a clear judgment. Some 5g mobile phone users told cnnet that since they changed their 5g mobile phone, they feel that the network speed is really faster, but it may also be due to psychological effects or the higher configuration of the mobile phone.
If you want to use 5g network with faster network speed, you need to open 5g package. On the 13th, an operator’s customer service told a reporter from zhongxin.com that there are three conditions for mobile phone users to use faster 5g network speed. Using 5g terminals and opening 5g packages in areas with 5g network coverage are indispensable.
What is the right package for users?
In view of the fact that “5g network can be used even without 5g package”, an operator’s internal staff disclosed to zhongxin.com that this has always been the case, but it has not been disclosed. “This is not recommended. It is better to apply for 5g package, because the unit price of 5g package is relatively lower. There are also 4G mobile phone users who have launched 5g packages for this purpose. “
Data chart: China Mobile 5g package personal version charges. screenshot
According to public information, the cheapest 5g package is 128 yuan per month for China Mobile, and 129 yuan per month for China Telecom and China Unicom.
However, operators have been doing activities for some time, and many users can get 5g packages at a 70% discount. Take China Mobile as an example, 89 yuan per month (88 yuan in some areas) can handle 5g packages, including 30GB of national traffic. Compared with China Mobile’s 89 yuan per month free package (including 20GB national traffic), the unit price of 5g package is lower.
Of course, it’s also good to have a 4G package. The threshold is lower. Although the official website and app of operators are pushing 5g packages now, some operators’ customer service told CNKI that if users who have not signed a contract period want to change to other 4G packages on sale, they can still handle it. Operators have no restrictions on this. So how to choose a set meal varies from person to person.
Will 5g packages be reduced in the future?
On January 12, the Ministry of industry and information technology also organized a national video and telephone conference on 5g services to arrange and deploy the next stage of work.
Liu Liehong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, put forward five requirements for the next stage of work, including orderly promoting the construction of 5g network, strengthening the coverage of 5g network and enhancing the network supply capacity; actively taking measures to provide convenience for users to replace terminals.
At present, users are actively replacing 5g mobile phones. According to the data of China Academy of information technology, in December 2020, the domestic market 5g mobile phone shipment was 18.2 million, accounting for 68.4% of the mobile phone shipment in the same period. In 2020, the cumulative shipment of 5g mobile phones in the domestic market will be 163 million, accounting for 52.9%.
In terms of network coverage, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of industry and information technology said in December 2020 that at present, China has built the world’s largest 5g network, with a total of 718000 5g base stations, and promoted the co construction and sharing of 330000 5g base stations.
Liu also said on the 12th that it is necessary to optimize and improve the 5g tariff package based on the needs of users, and set reasonable online contract period, termination compensation standard, etc.
Will the 5g package usher in a price reduction? Fu Liang, an independent Telecom analyst, said in an interview with zhongxin.com, “5g tariff has been significantly reduced, so we need to wait for more traffic to be transferred to 5g network.”
Will you choose 5g package? How much is the price reduction of 5g package appropriate in the future?