Wonderful Spring Games

“May Day, May Day, always strive for the first! First, first, not my May Day!” We hold yellow and green flower balls, shouting loud slogans, marching neatly to the rostrum. Where the squad passed, bursts of applause broke out. On April 17, our school’s annual spring sports meeting opened.
Flags fluttered in the campus, banners of “I exercise, I am healthy, I am happy” were hung high above the rostrum, and students’faces were filled with happy smiles. The “Athletes March” added a strong warm atmosphere to the Games.
Athletes on the playground are warming up and eager to show off their skills. Students are in high spirits, shouting and cheering one after another. The most intense competition is the high jump competition. First of all, Zhang Beit, the athlete of our class, appeared. He’s as smart as a monkey. Such a short bar is a piece of cake for him. Sure enough, he lived up to everyone’s expectations and leaped lightly, like a little swallow, without any effort. But other classmates are unwilling to show weakness, one by one across the bar, which brings us a little pressure. As the bar rose, no player made a mistake. Rise, rise, rise again… Unconsciously, the bar rose to 1 metre and reached Zhang Beit’s waist. We began to get nervous. We shouted, “Come on, Chambert!” He jumped up, started, pedaled, took off easily and landed perfectly. “Yeah, that’s great!” Zhang Beit crossed the bar again. We stared at the other players, hoping they would make a mistake. God seemed to understand us, and the players made successive mistakes, knocking off the poles one by one. We suddenly realized that Chambert was the champion! We surrounded the air of the high jump champion, cheers, praises, a burst of higher than a while.
The most interesting event is to push the iron ring. As we have not practiced in peacetime, so most of the students will not push, it is ridiculous. Zhang Kairui, the first player in our class, is the one who can’t push the iron ring. A few seconds after she started, the iron ring fell to the ground. But she was light and sensitive, and when the iron ring fell down, she immediately lifted it up and pushed it on. Sometimes when the ring rolled out of the runway, she quickly picked it back. She won the victory of pushing the iron ring with speed and counter-stress. It was really “rolling and climbing all the way” that pushed the iron ring to the end. Kong Linghui is a master of pushing iron rings. As soon as the referee blew his whistle, he pushed straight ahead and reached the end without any hindrance. We were all shocked – he arrived at the end in less than 10 seconds; Mr Dong was shocked – she had not prepared her camera yet, and Kong Linghui arrived at the end; his two opponents were shocked – before they had pushed half the distance, Kong Linghui arrived at the end. Kong Linghui broke the record of pushing iron rings. The funniest thing is a big brother in sixth grade, who turned a big “S” shape and finally reached the end.
The splendid sports meeting is coming to an end. At the closing ceremony, our class got two honors: the “excellent team” and the “spiritual civilization class”. The only regret is that we could not get the “total score first” in the competition. Never mind. Keep working hard. Our class will be amazing at the next sports meeting.