Lei Feng’s Spirit is beside me

With the spring breeze, we ushered in a beautiful spring, Uncle Lei Feng’s day also came. Lei Feng, what a great name. Some people say, “Now that we are all in the 1990s, everyone is thinking about how to help others for themselves and who will carry forward Lei Feng spirit?” So in the 1990s, do we still want to learn Lei Feng? Is Lei Feng spirit really out of date?!
When you fall down in the street and someone laughs at you but doesn’t help you.
When your wallet is stolen by thieves and others see it but dare not squeak;
When you need someone to help you, but nobody wants to help you.
Everyone here, what mood will you have? It must be sour, bitter and astringent. But at this moment, a person reaches out his hand to help you, to help you, you drink him to go, and say that the spirit is out of date, or gratefully accept help! The answer is obvious.
When some people disdained Lei Feng, Lei Feng went abroad quietly. We were shocked and extremely proud. Lei Feng, as an ordinary soldier of our people’s army, is well-known in the world and admired by the world. Only today, on the land where the people of our socialist countries are the masters of their own country, can we nurture such a great communist fighter as Lei Feng.
I remember when I was a child, Lei Feng’s story was deeply imprinted in my mind. We picked up scrap iron with a pair of small hands, took part in voluntary labor, and quietly did good things without leaving a name. Lei Feng’s spirit is like a drizzle in spring, nourishing the growth of our generation with potential and tremendous strength. Sometimes I think Lei Feng is so far away from us and sometimes so close. We must not be unfamiliar with such a scene. Get money with both hands. If he had no money to help, there would be no way. But sometimes Lei Feng is around us all the time. On the evening of October 29 last year, a serious traffic accident happened at an intersection in Guangzhou. Two pedestrians fell into a pool of blood and the driver stopped several cars. The victims were at a critical moment in their lives. Just then, a military driver, Comrade Liu Mou, passed by. Without hesitation, he helped the two victims to his car and immediately sent them to a city hospital. The victims were saved, but without leaving his name or unit, he quietly left. There are countless good comrades like him around us. There are many entrepreneurs in the army. In the 1960s, they resolutely abandoned the superior living conditions of big cities and came to this hard and remote area to undertake the arduous task of national defense scientific research. They are diligent, hard-working and ungrateful, and devote their strength in obscurity. In them, we see the spirit of the old scalpers and the thought of Lei Feng shining on them! Yes, it is these ordinary people like Lei Feng who support a building and the building of our Republic! They never expect anything, when they see this building becoming more magnificent and more magnificent. When they were strong, they laughed and laughed comfortably. Is not Lei Feng’s spirit developed and extended among these people?
Lei Feng’s name is unfamiliar to some people. Lei Feng’s spirit is inconceivable to some people. But at the time of entering a new era, people living on the same earth need a higher spiritual realm. They need courage to be pioneering, enterprising and creative. Our society needs Lei more urgently. Spirit of the front is not it!
Aren’t the children with red scarves looking for Lei Feng?
Didn’t even Grandpa and Grandma who squeezed buses miss Lei Feng?
Not everyone wants the social atmosphere to be better and better!
Aren’t we all hoping to eliminate the unhealthy tendencies within the Party and the remaining bureaucracy in state organs as soon as possible?
Is it not hoped that after the development of market economy, people will still be honest, honest and harmonious?
All these are the embodiment of Lei Feng’s spirit. There is no doubt that Lei Feng’s spirit is not outdated. We need Lei Feng in this era.
At this moment, Lei Feng is back. The whole world is like a wheat seedling waiting for the spring rain. It longs for and urgently sucks the rain and gathers the power to change the social outlook. What a driving force this spirit will give our society!