It’s like a warm wind.

Care, reflected in trivial things, it does not need blood to irrigate, it is a sacred patriotic family, do not need to talk about the pledge of love, it is unswerving love. Such love is like a gentle breeze, insignificant, but gently brushing people’s hearts. That night, after my aunt blew her whistle, our dormitory was still chatting like a raging fire, hiding from her flashlight and snickering in the bedclothes.
When the silence of night hung over the city, and we forgot the time, sleepiness slowly came. When a person speaks to himself and finds that no one else has answered, he knows that the person has already made his dream of spring and autumn, so he makes the whole quilt pillow and says good night to himself. But just then, a few discordant coughing sounds disturbed the original quiet, and this cough has a strong upward trend, the more coughing the louder, feel the bed began to vibrate the posture. I felt very upset, turning over and over, but the more I cared, the more I could not forget the existence of this cough.
Think of my cough before, even if the throat is as uncomfortable as a needle prick, like a fire, will hide in bed secretly cough, absolutely not affect others. A lot of complaints came to mind. Soon, other people in the dormitory were disturbed by the sounds of movement, murmuring and turning over. Chen Xian said impatiently, “Who’s coughing?” “My throat hurts.
” At this time, Yu Yi answered quietly for fear of being blamed by us. “Cough…” We could feel her deliberately lowering her voice. Then Huang Nan, who was on the upper berth, began to shush and ask for warmth, and asked, “Do you want to have Radix Isatidis in my drawer?” At that time, my aunt heard the unusual situation in our dormitory, knocked on the door and came in, knowing the origin and development, began to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner. Then Huang Nan followed her aunt to fill a pot of hot tea and handed it to Yu Yijing.
Chen Xian also said with concern: “If Huangnan’s medicine has no effect, then use my medicine tomorrow. I have it in my schoolbag. Don’t worry about it.” Cover the quilt tightly.” Yu Yijing quickly said thank you. “Well, now let’s all go to bed,” the aunt began to urge. “Tomorrow will be the day when we have the spirit.
” I still couldn’t sleep, but now I am concerned that Yu Yijing will feel uncomfortable after taking the medicine. It’s selfish to think about my attitude just now, just considering my feelings and not knowing how to think in other places. The dormitory classmate’s love for her, like the warm wind, makes me look dirty. I think of an open class last year. The psychologist of the foreign school gave you three minutes to write out his own merits. Everyone racked their brains to think. Then the teacher asked several classmates questions and answered them with great personality and amusement. The last one asked Lin Zidong, who was obscure. He stood up in a daze and said nothing. The atmosphere is awkward, I feel bad, thought, he usually can not answer the question, but don’t mess up the open class, after more than 10 teachers, maybe there will be a stain on the impression of our class.
Psychological teacher began to play round: “Just now, everyone was writing very carefully, only Zidong was in a daze, he said he had no merits, students, can you help him answer this question?” So more than 10 hands brushed up. “He draws very well.” “He’s very polite and quiet every time he closes the door.” “Once he helped clean up the keyboard and wiped it one by one…” My nose was sour at once. This is the students’love for him. I hope he will say goodbye to his inferiority. Such love is like a warm wind, very comfortable, but it makes my eyes full of tears.
Care is like a warm wind, no flashy, no restlessness, only sincere waiting.