Indonesia’s air pollution is serious

Recently, media reports have reported that Indonesia’s sky is seriously polluted, and the whole sky has become blood red. The scene is really scary as if it is the end of the world. What’s the matter? 1 (Source: Video screenshot) On September 21, there was a “vision” of blood red sky somewhere in Indonesia’s Zhanbei Province, let Dang Dang. The local people were stunned and bewildered. It is reported that the sky was orange in the morning, and then gradually turned into a strange red, even to the horror of day and night. What’s wrong with this strange phenomenon? It turns out that the main culprit behind the demon is air pollution! According to relevant departments, the reason for this is that there are many particles with a diameter of 0.7 μ m in the air, whose diameter is similar to the red wavelength of the sun. After scattering, the sky will be red.
Two cities on the Indonesian island of Borneo are also experiencing serious air pollution. Local people cut down and burn forests and banana trees, generating a lot of smoke and the situation is slowly out of control. Since September 13, the air quality in this area has been in a “dangerous” state. Reported that it is unlikely to expect rain in the near future, and because of serious pollution, artificial rainfall is not very effective, can only look forward to October when the “rescue rain”.