Don’t fall in love with frightening schemes

Some people are so indifferent and affectionate, simple and complex.
Love can overturn life; indifference can turn a blind eye; complex time can be exhausted; simple time can be laissez-faire idly…
Of course, these special emotions may vary from person to person, from person to person, and more likely from person to person.
So, maybe everything is like this. Sometimes it’s extremely complicated: there’s never a way to sort out relationships, sometimes it’s extremely simple: be loyal to changes every minute and every second.
Lin Yitang was called to Chunming before entering his office.
“Hey, can you help me go downstairs and move things…” Suddenly he said to Lin Yitang, who was looking out of the elevator for a long time.
Lin Yitang just walked, then stood up, raised his eyelids to look at him, and did not speak.
A silent embarrassment spread.
“Ha-ha, you just come back, and you’re tired too…” He said to Chunming with an empty heart and a careful look. Finally, he waved his hand in embarrassment and muffled his voice automatically.
Then he wiped his lips and went down the elevator without saying a word.
As he passed by, Lin Yitang’s figure shook and his face looked vague.
In a few moments, she heard the door close and her throat rolled down. Almost at the same time, she raised her foot and walked to her office.
Standing awkwardly at her desk, Lin Yitang cleared out the papers in her bag and went in for another one. She came back to get the customer information for tomorrow.
There was no light in the office and it was dark, but Lin Yitang knew where he put his things, so he could grab them freely.
Her hands went on and on at full speed, but she just closed them and suddenly stopped.
After a pause, only a sigh came from the darkness, and then the sound of groping for clothes.
“Oh? How did you get down?” To Chunming, he was surprised to see Lin Yitang, who was wearing a tooling, moving things without expression and without a word. After all, they were not familiar with it.
The answer to him was as silent as ever.
Lin Yitang carried those Glass-Aluminium plywood and found that even with elevators, there are many parallel routes, and things are fragile, so it is very test arm strength and endurance.
Both of them are not available in Lin Yitang, but fortunately she has a lot of patience, so she can still hold out until she has finished moving things.
Confirming that only the last one remained unmoved, Lin Yitang turned and returned to his office when he saw that Xiangchunming had gone down.
She walked in the darkness, took off her wet overcoat and threw it on the armrest of the sofa, staggered to open the window behind her desk, then sat at her desk, and the wind whistling outside the window behind her poured in.
The second hand ticked past, breathing sweaty into every corner of the office, with a sense of decadence.
“Buckle,” the door was knocked, then opened, to spring on the door.
This made Lin Yitang unhappy, but she didn’t say anything, just frowned.
“Why is it so dark?” Give a cry of surprise to Chunming.
Lin Yitang looked up and could see a figure with two drinks, projected by a faint light from the other side of the corridor.
Almost imperceptibly, Lin Yitang sighed and twisted the warm yellow lamp of his desk. A small glow of light burst out.
Looking for the bright light to spring, she stood across a table and stretched her left hand forward and down slightly.
“Well, here you are!” “Thank you for helping me move things,” he said with a smile to Chunming.
But Lin Yitang, sitting side by side with her left hand on her lap and her right hand curled up on her desk, did not reach for it. She just stood up, her hands behind her, impatient and cold.
Even if he had helped himself, Rao had a good temper to spring. If he had been in the daytime, he might have been annoyed and went out, but he did not.
Why is that? Because it’s night.
Under the warm light mapping, you can clearly see the scene projected by the black scene outside the landing window: Lin Yitang’s right hand is pressing hard on the other hand to control its constant tremor. Her face was cold, but she did not frown, just did not speak.
So in the daytime, those who would find an excuse to go out to Chunming did not go out, but their outstretched hands were still standing, waiting for someone to pick up the drink in their hands. The only difference was that his eyes were smiling and he had more patience.
Lin Yitang’s eyes stopped for a long time at Chunming’s neckline. Then she reached for the drink and took it with her right hand. She glanced quickly at Chunming’s table layout and found that she was left-handed.
In fact, it is not surprising, but Xiangchunming did not understand why she had to hide it, and from her unnatural actions and attitudes, she could hide that special inconvenience to her life.
Of course, this is also more confirmed after the Spring Festival.
Long after the discovery, Xiang Chunming had no chance to speak to Lin Yitang again.
Because Lin Yitang is always busy, and they have little time to meet.
It was not until the day of the company’s celebration in June that Xiangchunming saw her for a long time, appearing among a large crowd of hot people at the seaside.
Everyone was supposed to dance hand in hand in a big circle, but before the beginning, the girl on the left side of Lin Yitang suddenly broke away and went to another friend’s side, and then the girl’s was a boy.
Before the boy came forward to hold Lin Yitang’s hand, Lin Yitang loosened the other hand holding someone else’s hand and said, seemingly meaningless, “You play!” Then I went to drink water.
Her status is not low, and she always gives people such a character, so no one is ashamed to call her in again, had to play by herself.
But Chunming’s identity is a little higher than hers. Although they are not very familiar with Chunming, he walks past after a round of circle dancing.
“Not together?” Ask Chunming.
Lin Yitang looked at him with a generous look in his eyes, then took back his eyes for a few seconds, then said coldly, “I know what you want to know”.
Xiao Chunming laughed, “Ha?”.
Lin Yitang, “The right hand is far from the heart”.
Xiangchunming is still a mystery.
It can be less controlled.
In fact, Xiang Chunming is still somewhat unknown, but he did not understand the doubts until Lin Yitang entered the circle. She meant that she could have persisted in the first circle, if not for the girl on the left.
Well, he’s never seen anyone who can divide his body so clearly.
It is so soft to one’s left and so light to one’s right, as if… Half of the rejection is from other people, so careless and arbitrary development.
After the second circle dance, there was no rest, followed by the eagle grabbing chickens.
In her busy schedule, Xiang Chunming noticed what she had asked before she grabbed the front man’s skirt, and then was photographed by the sudden fierce battle.
Long after that, the status of Chunming rose again and again, but Lin Yitang’s indifferent attitude towards him has not changed a bit.
That kind of state is just like she waits for the traffic lights. Observance is not due to the moral sense of others or herself, but simply to take responsibility for her life. It’s part of it.
Asked Chunming what she had said to the people in front of her before the game that day, Lin Yitang only said, “I just asked if I could put my hand on her shoulder.”
Xiangchunming stood at the table. I wonder, “That’s a game, why ask?”
Lin Yitang looked up.’If I ask you if I can put my hand on your shoulder, it means I don’t like people to put it on my shoulder, or I won’t ask you, will I?’
Xiang Chunming said, “But it’s a game. Anyway, it will catch up. Why do you say that?”
Lin Yitang didn’t even raise his head at this time, but he only paid attention to his work. “I often say thank you, but I don’t often say thank you.” I say it because of habit, not because of something that I think a thank you can’t pass, or I want to compensate in other ways… So there is always a reason for everyone to do everything. Boredom is also a reason. Why do you ask so many questions?
Xiang Chunming was baffled and opened his mouth. He was embarrassed. “Well, you see, then you said, I don’t know that.”
Lin Yitang frowned. “Oh, then our dialogue is really meaningful!”
After pausing for a moment and thinking about it, he said, “I can ask you why, why, why, why treat people so differently…”.
Xiang Chunming seemed to have a hard time wording, because he suddenly remembered that Lin Yitang did not seem so absolute.
Lin Yitang looked up at him with an inquiry in her eyes, and then her eyes trembled slightly to reflect what he meant.
Then she sat upright, paralyzed backwards, twirling her chair slightly, pointing her fingertips at the armrest, and her eyes fell over her hands. “Nobody was like this from the beginning,” she said.
“I’ve always been away from people who think a lot because I’m not smart enough… It’s not that I’m not smart, but I basically live according to my nature, either afraid of offending people, or afraid of being remembered.
“And the standard to measure my distance from the boundary is breath,” Lin Yitang thought for a moment, then slowly opened his mouth. “I remember the first time in my life when I felt strongly disgusted was when I went out with a boy to distribute leaflets. The man was quite close to me. He grabbed a leaflet in his hand and wandered there. He fell at my feet. I was young and innocent at that time. I thought it was bad for people to squat under my feet and pick up things. So I immediately squatted down to help him pick up things.
Lin Yitang sighed and drew a corner of his lips. “As a result, he and his hand touched each other – that was my first contact with heterosexuality. I immediately raised my head, but I didn’t expect to see that kind of sticky eyes on me… Oh! Maybe it used to be, but then I suddenly got the hang of it and realized it.
Lin Yitang looked up at him. “That’s why I’m like this now.” She paused and continued.
“But it’s also good. You’re not the same. You won’t be confused without choices. I’m afraid of pain, and the feeling of being courted by someone I don’t like won’t make me feel wonderful. The feeling of loving someone secretly is too painful for me. So now is the best. And you shouldn’t try to induce me to make other suggestions for my life.
Lin Yitang’s eyes fixed on him, without any waves.
“So what should I do?” he laughed, sweeping his lips at Chunming.
Lin Yitang, “So don’t do anything that annoys me,” because you don’t have the smell I hate now.
Xiang Chunming, “What if I do that?”
Lin Yitang, “That’s nothing,” but will lose me – even if you don’t mind.
Looking down at Chunming and smiling low, “I find you are really, and I don’t have a trace of respect for you, do you?” Anyway, I’m your supervisor too. You just talk to me like this?
Lin Yitang, “Then what attitude do you want me to have towards you? If you say so, I can do it.
Lock Lin Yitang’s eyes to Chun Mingming and open his lips and smile, “What if I want you to treat me like a boyfriend?”
Lin Yitang narrowed his smiling eyes. “Some words can not be said,” not because they can be used to express, but because there is no room to turn back after they are said.
Looking at Chunming inquiringly, he said, “That’s not true?”
Lin Yitang, “Just don’t tell me.”
That way, I can still be near and save trouble.
We all live in this way, no matter how earth-shaking we think, as long as we do not speak out, there is still room for salvation, but if you do anything, I will take corresponding measures.
Then, in this way, tentatively, thinking, you go a step forward, if I want you, I will go a step forward, or turn in a direction, but once you say it, it means a battle of positive attack.