Mr. Liu

I have a friend named Liu Zhong. It also has a nickname. Like “the Great Age”, “the Great Trend”, “the Great Emotion”, “the Great Universe”, “the Great Idea”, “the Great Enterprising”, “the Great Thinking”, “the Great Skills”, “the Great Atmosphere” and “the Great State”, it is called “the Great Piya”. It’s the big adjacent teeth on the thin V-shaped face.
Through Mr. Han, when I met Mr. Liu Zhong, he was 46 years old. People are still alone – stick the kitchen master on their legs and stomachs, eat wherever they go, and eat with chopsticks. Eat while you light your chopsticks. Mr. Liu is also a gourmet – many singles are gourmet.
Big Piya is a middle school teacher. When he was young, he could not control his mouth and was harvested as a rightist. His girlfriend, Comrade Xiaohua, despite what he had done beforehand, was still full of regret and yellow with Mr. Liu. The day of breaking up is also a drizzly day, Xiaohua and he cried. Mr. Liu cried very smartly, while crying, while raising his head and face, wronged in the rainy sky, to be a man of lofty ideals.
Mr. Liu stays at school. His opposite door was a school-run factory worker, a widow, quite young widow. It’s long enough to speak. The main advantage is white. Not very tall. They are neighbors and have a history of 10 years. It is surprising that there is no romance at all. On weekdays, they both cook in the corridor and don’t talk. Dingdang, each do their own, no one is polite to each other a dish or bowl. The world is hot. The widow who opens the door to the door wears shorts and walks back and forth plump and white. When Mr. Liu saw him, he quickly dressed himself and locked the door. The widow cried when she saw Mr. Liu gone.
Mr. Liu teaches Chinese at school. His specialty is grammar and rhetoric. Never? Like a madman, he likes it very much (he is regarded as a rightist because he foolishly chooses grammatical and rhetorical errors in the speech of the central head). His family’s collection of books, uniform, grammar and rhetoric! Look every day, study every day, and enjoy it. Be a wonder of a generation.
We often chat at Mr. Han’s house. Mr. Han’s women hate Mr. Liu very much. Mr. Liu is a little informal, talks warmly, raises his buttocks, and mutters. Mrs. Han’s face turned red. Mr. Liu unconsciously asked me:
“Brother Acheng, I ask you a question…”
“Just ask.” I said.
“I asked you,”What’s the difference between bending and bending?”
“Bending and bending – bending is bending, which can not be pierced, bending – bending, bending, bending, this, in fact, is also bending. This is self-evident. Right? It’s a boring question.”
Mr. Liu said, “No, No. If you give a lecture to the students, as you say, is that okay? We must use a standard language.
“That’s good, sir. Tell me about it.”
“Simply put: Bending is not straight!” He said.
“I fuck. I thought the bend was straight. Then go on, twists and turns.” I said.
“Bend and bend, that’s (1): Bend and bend, bend and bend!” ,
I heard it, Dayue, and laughed and said:
“My dear brother, you’re right, bend and bend, bend and bend, line and genius!”
Laughing and talking, Mr. Liu pulled out a journal of a university and quickly turned to a page, pointing to a “filling blank” and proudly said:
I took a look at Mr. Liu’s article on the difference between “bending” and “bending”. Then I stopped laughing and felt the sweep rising.
In fact, Mr. Liu often publishes such articles as “you” and “you”, “he” and “she”. Naturally, such a kind of article, over time, can make people from dull and “boring” in the end, dignified to produce a respect.
As soon as Mr. Liu left Mr. Han’s house, Mrs. Han complained about Mr. Han and said:
“This big adjacent teeth, really disgusting, regardless of men and women, as soon as you raise your butt, fart.”
Mr. Han laughed and said nothing.
Mrs. Han suddenly felt a little strange and asked:
“You say, why does this big adjacent tooth fart all the time? Is there anything wrong with it?
Mr. Han thought about it seriously and said:
“It’s his internal organs — open. Good! “
Big Piya often comes to my house. As soon as he came, my woman panicked. Knowing that he is a picky master, what to eat?
I’ll just say, do whatever you like. That’s his fault. Such is the case with literati. When they are full, they must make comments. After that, I found myself amused and couldn’t help laughing.
“Then — pie?”
“Okay, big oil.”
After listening to Mr. Liu’s new ideas on grammar and rhetoric, I said with a smile:
“Eat. Okay, class is over. Grammar and rhetoric can’t be eaten as fresh vegetables either.
“Pancakes,” Mr. Liu said as he ate. “Brothers and sisters, branding like you can’t. How can this work? What kind of cake is this? The whole insole.”
So our couple and children laughed.
My woman is very modest. Said:
“Teacher Liu, you say, tell me how to braze well, I learn.”
“Good!” Mr. Liu said, “For example, it’s spring cake.”
“Spring cake.” I repeated it like a schoolgirl.
“Yes, spring cakes. Use 1.2 kg of concentrate powder and a little soybean oil. Then, hot water and noodles at 60 degrees Celsius, simmer a little.
“What do you mean by a little bit?” My woman asked.
“‘Bai’person,’Waiting’ also.”
“Noodle and good. Wait a minute, right?” My woman asked.
“And then?”
“Then, divide 14 doses and press flat. Brush 7 of them with soybean oil. The other seven pieces are pressed on it. The cake pan is heated and then changed into a light fire. The combined dough is rolled thin to keep it off. Facial discoloration, turn over and braze again. After branding, cover it with a clean towel.
“That’s all right, isn’t it?”
“All right. Then, shallots dipped in sauce and fried vermicelli rolls. It’s salty and appetizing.”
“Yes!” The woman was excited. “Look, look, learn another trick!”
So, Mr. Liu was very proud, and talked about “fried carrot cake”, “gold and silver pancakes”, “shredded meat egg cake”, “curry dumpling cake”, “onion fried cake”, “egg noodle pancake”, “lotus shrimp cake”, “winter mushroom meat cake”, “wood sucker cake”, and so on. He also talked about some stir-fried dishes, such as “mixed waist slices”, “meat tofu”, “vinegar and so on. Driven by interest, he also talked about how to make pickles, such as “beef pickles”, “Soviet pickles”, “Japanese tomato pickles”. From pickles to pickles, such as “hot radish sticks”, “white sugar ginger slices” and “mustard eggplant”. Put my woman straight.
After a few mouthfuls of tea, he said goodbye.
Out of the door, I said, “Brother Liu, you have to be a family. Almost. What’s it like? In my younger brother’s opinion, you are good to the widow at the door. To tell you the truth, women and women are no different. It’s a taste! Don’t be too idealistic.
Mr. Liu said, “No, no, no, No. I’m not too idealistic about women. What should I say?” It’s very sad! No way. A person, very good…”
I didn’t say any more, but looked up and said, “The moon is very round tonight. It’s the first few days of the lunar calendar. It’s so round?”

Not long ago, Mr. Liu finally got married. And gave birth to a girl. Congratulations. The so-called “old mussel beads”. But my friends said that Mr. Liu, after his marriage, had no meaning at all. It was so common that it was a little frustrating. I went to Mr. Han to chat with him. When I talked about Mr. Liu, Mr. Han said that the woman Lao Liu was looking for was a good hand at living at home. “Nevertheless,” said Mr. Han, “that is the only way to destroy Lao Liu.” Speaking, Mr. Han sighed with emotion:
“In troubled times heroes emerge, adversity creates talent. Plain and insipid, stable, where can we talk about heroes?!”
I listened, and I was filled with emotion.