Flowers in the Heart

It was another rainy day.
The sky was cloudy, lightning flashed across the sky, followed by a sharp thunder. Some children cried when they heard thunder, and their parents quickly comforted them. My heart seems to have been stabbed.
Suddenly, the wind and clouds changed, and the rain seemed to break out of the pupa in the dark clouds. Pedestrians fled in panic and the umbrella-holders quickened their pace. No one walked slowly like me with an umbrella.
Heavy rain poured down thousands of miles, dense raindrops fell on the umbrella, struggled for a while, finally gave up and slowly fell down.
I stood at the crossroads with confusion in my eyes.
He had another quarrel with his parents.
Since entering junior high school, every time I come home, there are endless things to quarrel with. I felt like having a debate. The winner was always my parents and the loser was always me. So I broke out.
The pressure of learning, parents do not understand, things upset, dull chest seems to be pressed by jackstones, think of here, eyes unconsciously wet, I do not know whether it is rain or tears.
I kept going. The eyes were attracted by a spring-like green. Looking ahead, it turned out to be a large, vibrant grassland. I utterly admire it. Under this gloomy sky, there are some green hopes growing.
Looking at this grassland for a long time, I found some small flaws: there are countless small spots of different colors on the grassland. I wonder what this is. I gently pull away the grass. Underneath the grass, there are countless young flowers blooming brilliantly. They are like the grass, full of vitality and hope. Flowers enjoy the rain and dew of nature, and their faces are full of smiles.
I couldn’t help thinking: Are these grasses protecting these young flowers that haven’t grown yet? Or are these flowers not satisfied with the grass on their heads, robbing them of the sunshine, trying to grow up and have their own sky?
In the dense rain, flowers can not withstand such tremendous pressure, of course, to tough grass protection; in the brilliant sunshine, flowers always want to have their own sky, want to get away from the protection of grass.
I think of my parents. Why not parents? We always think that parents interfere too much in their lives, so they always quarrel with their parents, but their parents just want to protect us; when things go wrong, they hope their parents comfort us.
The thunder struck across the sky, followed by a sharp thunder. The children cried again and their parents comforted them. Looking at the warm scene, I laughed.
Everyone has a flower in his heart. Don’t let the grass bury the flower. Don’t abandon the grass. Because of them, the flowers in his heart are so beautiful.