The Ministry of Education said the school was postponed

The Ministry of education requests that the spring semester in 2020 be postponed: will the summer vacation in 2020 be shortened? Will summer vacation be postponed?
Due to the rapid development of the new pneumonia epidemic, education requires that schools at all levels be postponed in the spring semester of 2020. Will the holiday be postponed in the summer vacation of 2020? Will summer vacation be shortened?
The Ministry of education requests that the spring semester of 2020 be postponed
On January 27, 2020, the website of the Ministry of Education released the following information:
Colleges and universities should postpone the start of the spring semester in 2020 appropriately, and the specific start time should be consistent with the start time of local colleges and universities, which should be reported to the Ministry of education for the record. Students returning home during the Spring Festival shall not return to school in advance without the approval of the school. The opening time of the spring semester of local schools, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and other schools shall be determined by the local education administrative department in accordance with the unified deployment of the local Party committee and the government. That is to say, it is a fact to postpone the start of school. The specific start time is determined by local policies according to the prevention and control of the epidemic.
Zhejiang Province has announced that in order to effectively block the spread of the epidemic to the campus, and in accordance with the requirements of putting the life safety and physical health of teachers and students first and implementing the “first level response” in an all-round way, Zhejiang Province has decided to postpone the opening time of primary and secondary schools (kindergartens) in the spring of 2020, and the opening time of schools everywhere will be postponed to February 17, and the specific opening time will be announced separately Know.
In addition to Zhejiang, provincial education departments have sent a similar message of delayed school opening.
Will the 2020 summer vacation be postponed? Will summer vacation be shortened?
It has become a foregone conclusion that all kinds of schools at all levels in the country will postpone their opening in spring 2020. Will the summer vacation be postponed in 2020? Will summer vacation be shortened?
No matter in Colleges and secondary schools, or in primary and secondary schools, the teaching tasks of each semester are fixed and arranged in advance. If the school starts late, it will certainly affect the teaching progress. It may be said that schools can use the network to teach, and also can ensure the progress of teaching. For urban students, this is feasible, but for rural students, the effect of network teaching is not very good.
According to the editor, if the extension of school opening time is too long, it will certainly delay the normal progress of education and teaching. It is very possible to postpone the holiday and shorten the time of summer vacation in 2020.