It’s almost impossible to end this summer

Xinhua novel coronavirus pneumonia reported that the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in the United States continued to spread. As of 15 hours local time, 49 new states of the crown, Washington and Puerto Rico in March had confirmed the diagnosis of new crown pneumonia. The remaining 16 states in West Virginia have not yet had confirmed cases. First novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths were reported on 14 days in Luis Anna S, New York, Oregon and Virginia.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed that the United States had reached 3244 at 14:20 on the 15 th of the day, and 62 died, according to media reports. Johns Hopkins’s University has released the real-time statistics.
According to reports, most cases are concentrated in Washington state, California and New York State, but the epidemic situation in other states is becoming more and more serious. For example, Louisiana has not been confirmed a week ago, but the local time has accumulated 77 cases on the night of the 14th. The first case was confirmed in Puerto Rico on the 13th.
Fossi, director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases, said the United States has not yet reached the peak of the epidemic, but “99% of patients will recover.”.
In the case of the epidemic throughout the United States, governments around the country have implemented strict epidemic prevention measures. For example, after the first case occurred in Pittsburgh on the 14th, the municipal government immediately required local bars to implement “social distance” measures to limit the number of people entering. Many churches around the world have cancelled Sunday services. More than a dozen states have declared local schools closed to prevent the spread of the virus.